Nine Signs Your Nutrition Plan Actually Works for You

The Nutrition diet plan can be considered as a tool that will help you lose weight. Additionally, it is a well-planned diet that may help you transfer your body or improve your mental abilities, decreasing stress and tiredness. On top of that, the Nutrition plan can play a key role in improving your exercise performance, your post-exercise recovery and achieve your fitness goals.

It is a “partner” that helps you improve your overall lifestyle and your health.

No matter what your goal is, there are some signs indicating that your Nutritional Plan is working for you. Here are the nine most important signs:

• Feel Satisfied after meals 

It is scientifically proven that when you eat low-energy dense foods like vegetables, salads, fruits, you maintain satiety which results to reduction of caloric intake. Researchers showed than eating portions of low-energy-dense foods was a more effective weight loss method than fat reduction coupled with restriction of portion sizes. Eating low-energy-dense foods helps you not only lose weight but it also helps you maintain your weight efficiently. [1]

Additionally, according to a 2014 study among women, a well- designed meal plan that includes adequate amount of proteins can help you improve appetite control and satiety, thus reduce subsequent food intake. [2]

Moreover, a well- planned nutrition that includes plenty of fibres and proteins can help you achieve the protein-induced satiety and affect your metabolism positively.

Increased protein intake causes increased satiety related to increased diet-induced thermogenesis.

Most studies show that protein is more satiating than carbohydrate and fat both in the short and the long term. [3]

 Increased energy levels

There is scientific evidence showing that a deficiency of the B vitamins may impair your exercise performance no matter if you do aerobic or anaerobic exercises.

A daily intake below the 1/3 of the RDA for vitamins including vitamins B1, B2, B6, vitamin C may lead to a significant decrease in VO2max and the anaerobic threshold in less than four weeks.

However, there is no need for supplementation for a person that adopts a well-planned diet. [4]

Additionally, according to a review, adequate amounts of micronutrients like zinc, chromium and magnesium ensure the capacity for increased energy expenditure, strength and work performance. [5]

• Get Sound Sleep

There are several nutritional factors affecting the quality of sleep. It is widely known that caffeine increases alertness and its consumption may disrupt night time sleep increasing daytime sleepiness. [6]

Additionally, there is a 2011 study showing that increased food consumption close to the sleeping period affects negatively aspects of sleep patterns in healthy individuals, especially in women.

Research indicates that sleep plays an important role in the metabolism and an adequate sleep pattern acts to protect against a series of nutritional and metabolic disorders.

Thus, any kind of alterations in the quantity and quality of sleep are potential risk factors of hormonal disturbances. [7]

The composition of your diet plays a key role in the quality of sleep. Specifically, there are studies indicating that diets high in carbohydrate may result in shorter sleep latencies.

Moreover, diets high in protein may improve the sleep quality. On the other hand, a high-fat diet may affect negatively total sleep time. [8]

• Your clothes fit just a little looser (or tighter- If you are on weight gain programme)

When you are on a diet and exercise at the same time, resistance exercise affects your body composition, maintaining fat free mass and increasing loss of body fat mass.

The composition of the diet plays important role in the body composition and the ratio between carbohydrates and proteins consumed is crucial.

Therefore, when you are on a diet and you notice significant changes in the sizes of your clothes, you are doing a good job and your diet is working efficiently. [9]

When you lose weight, it is inevitable to lose some muscle mass, thus you should also add exercise to maintain the muscle mass.

When you are on a perfect diet, you manage to lose the lower possible percentage of muscle mass and the maximum of fat mass, therefore you get smaller but increase your muscle density and your metabolism. [10]

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• Good Food, Good Mood

Food is considered as one of the most important factors influencing your mood. There is scientific evidence supporting that an unhealthy diet may lead to depression.

Additionally, nutrients like zinc, vitamins of the B complex and others are considered as antidepressants and improve your mood. [11]

Moreover, according to a 2014 systematic review and meta-analysis, dietary patterns that are based on high fruit, whole grain, vegetable intake and nuts and seeds reduce the depression risk. [12]

The above- mentioned studies are confirmed by another 2014 publication concluding that healthy dietary practices possess a protecting role against depressive episodes. [13]

 Feel Stronger

Nutrition contributes significantly in the improvement of your workout and is more important than the workout during an attempt to improve your body.

You should not overlook the importance of herbs like ginseng to change your workout level.

Specifically, there is research supporting that when doses of 3–9 g of dried root powder of ginseng are taken for durations longer than 8 weeks, both physical and mental performance may be enhanced, or at least their decline prevented. [14]

In addition to the above- mentioned data, you should consider that muscle and strength play a key role in your workout.

A 2013 study highlights that protein intake is crucial for muscle health and an intake of about 1 grams/kilogram of body weight per day is probably optimal for older adults.

Furthermore, there is a relationship between vitamin D levels and muscle strength.

Micronutrients such as vitamin B12 and folic acid intake may also impair muscle function. [15]

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•You don’t feel like you’re on a diet.

When you are on a diet that is based on your personal needs and your everyday schedule, you don’t feel like you are on a diet.

Everything is in accordance to your duties and activities and you don’t feel stressed to fit your meal in your programme or to find time to prepare your meal.

You don’t even need to worry how much you need to eat in each meal to meet your nutritional needs. You don’t feel like having another duty, but you consider your diet as part of your lifestyle and as a factor that helps you improve your health, your appearance and your mood.

A well-planned diet provides to you the necessary energy to be able to succeed in your daily schedule without feeling tired.

Furthermore, a good diet plan helps you learn how to adopt a healthy lifestyle and gives you alternatives for any social event you participate so that you do not exclude or postpone any of your social duties.

 Healthy digestion

It is widely known that the western lifestyle and diet lead to digestion problems. The need of a balanced diet is topical more than ever.

Diet is considered as a key factor in the composition and function of the gastrointestinal microbiota.

A recently published article (2017) indicated that human gastrointestinal microbes and metabolites are associated with eating behaviors. [16]

Additionally, a good diet is based on the consumption of plenty of fibres which helps your intestines to work properly and you don’t feel heavy.

Furthermore, you don’t consume high-fat foods and it is easier to digest your meal.

The inclusion of foods like onions, garlic, asparagus, leeks, artichoke, bananas provide prebiotics like inulin, psyllium, lactulose, and other oligosaccharides that stimulate the growth or activity of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. [17]

• Glowing Skin

Besides genetics, your skin quality can somehow improve through eating more fibres, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

These nutrients hydrate your body, help you lose weight and provide antioxidants which are crucial against cellulite.

On the other hand, the high-fat and high- carbohydrate diets support hyperinsulinemia which intensifies the process of lipogenesis and is one of the contributing factors of cellulite’s development.

On top of that, a diet that contains a lot of preservatives and salt leads to retention of liquids resulting to swellings. [18]

In accordance to the above, modern lifestyle that leads to obesity and is based on high-carbohydrate consumption provokes hyperinsulinemia and promotes lipogenesis, contributing to an increase in total body fat content, thereby enhancing cellulite. [19]

The Next Steps

The human body always tries to keep its balance and whenever there are significant changes in its functions it gives signs.

If your nutrition plan is well-designed and works efficiently you will notice the above-mentioned signs.

But human body is affected by several factors and a nutrition plan that works now doesn’t mean that it will be effective forever.

When you work with a Clinical Nutritionist and an Elite Personal Trainer in London like Jazz Alessi, he understands better the messages of your body.

In practice, he will find out what customised nutrition and exercise modification your exercise programme requires  and recommend you customised adjustments, – shopping lists, and a personalised nutrition diet plan containing breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.

This nutrition programme is designed to make major improvements in your body appearance, health and fitness levels.

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