Complete Body Transformation

12 Week Complete Body Transformation

Achieve your life-long body goals in just 12 weeks

What is the real reason you want a personal trainer? To be a nagging voice each week telling you to lay off the carbs and get on the weights – with bodies like temples you can only dream of?

Or to give you the end result you really want while building a balanced body that leaves you feeling stronger, healthier and happier?

So many personal trainers offer 12 week body transformation packages focused on building mass or cutting weight for the holiday snaps however, weight loss is very different from fat loss. These are not real transformation stories.

Because when the 12 weeks are up, all the promises of boosting health and vitality levels, feeling energetic and young and sexy – they rarely come true.

Often intensive training leads to muscular imbalances, postural problems and lack of flexibility resulting in the same issues you signed up to avoid.

With my Complete 12 Week Body Transformation, my goal is to give you the result you want without hours of pointless cardio or weights in a sweaty gym following a “one-size-fits-all” program not suited to your lifestyle.

We’ll focus on transforming your body the right way. Using a diverse combination of indoor and outdoor sessions ranging from weight training and body conditioning to nutrition and dietary advice (and much more), we’ll work together 1-to-1 to find the best workout for weight loss or mass gain to transform your life.

How is this 12 week body transformation programme different to other courses? And why will it work?

When it comes down to exercising do you ever feel you just can’t do enough to make a difference?

As an elite personal trainer in London it’s not uncommon for clients to come to me feeling hopeless. The London life, working at a desk, the hours of commuting… they begin to take their toll on your body and it’s easy for your confidence and your health to drain.

Body transformation isn’t just about making yourself look good – sacrificing your valuable spare time to hone the perfect figure. It’s about making you feel amazing with just a couple of healthy habitual and lifestyle tweaks.

If you’re overweight, unfit or injury prone, or if you’re unhappy or depressed about your body then continue reading to discover how my elite personal training can change not just your physical appearance, but how your body functions and how you feel about yourself.

It’s what every course offers, but how does my Complete 12 week Body Transformation course stand above the rest?

It teaches you how to master your body

Most 12 week Body Transformation packages focus solely on weight training to get results which probably look good on the surface, but lack balance, flexibility, correct posture adjustments and advanced body co-ordination. Without these, you won’t feel good risking soon lapsing back into bad habits.

My Complete 12 weeks Body Transformation is different – it gives you the end result but guarantees your body is geared to sustain long-term weight loss or healthy weight gain. It means you’ll retain that six pack and maintain the best possible performance and health after the 12 week transformation.

By using a diverse range of training techniques incorporating 2nd generation Pilates, Yoga, customised sports movements, and martial arts as well as weight training, conditioning and nutrition you will build a better body with the flexibility, balance, endurance and functional strength which will make a huge difference in your everyday life.

Sports and training techniques, many of which are unique to my personal training, will vary according to your personal needs (addressed before the 12 week body transformation begins).

Be wary of any trainer who prescribes training without understanding exactly what you need first

The results will last

The focus in this 12 week transformation course isn’t just on building a new body to be proud of, but on learning how to effortlessly maintain it without sacrificing your lifestyle. By addressing and challenging your perception on exercise and food, and conquering your bad habits, our sessions will go deeper into making you a stronger, more confident person.

This particular package is among the best 12 weeks body transformation courses in London and it provides you with physical and nutritional knowledge transfer.

Who is it for?

This program uses a holistic approach and is designed for people of all ages, shapes and sizes who want to look, feel and perform at their best.

My clients are lawyers, CEO’s and banking executives, accountants, actresses and actors, models and celebrities and some of my clients who have embarked on the 12 week customised Body Transformation Program have gone on to become marathon winners, successful entrepreneurs and competition winners.

“I lost over 16 pounds of fat and, while I tremendously increased my muscle mass. My back pains disappeared and, I’m feeling great all the time. I’m able now to have a very intense workout and I took my fitness to the next level.   My colleagues have asked do I bench press & have made comments about the size of my arms… Jazz has worked magic all without using any weights what so ever and will help you achieve your goals and take you to other levels you can only dream off.”

– W. T. Police officer –

What does the program include?

The Complete Body Transformation Program is an intensive 12 week course. Throughout this time period we will undergo 48 one to one mixed sessions of elite personal training, Pilates, body conditioning, Yoga, nutrition and coaching at your desired location (provided it’s in the London catchment) and at a time to suit you.

This program will be tailored completely to your specific needs. Therefore, a more comprehensive schedule will be drawn up after an initial meeting and will include a combination of:

  • Body reshaping exercises
  • Postural corrections
  • Body weight conditioning
  • 2nd generation Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Martial arts
  • Cross training
  • Selected sports
  • Injury prevention (and rehabilitation if needed)
  • Advanced lifestyle analysis
  • Advanced nutrition analysis (macro and micronutrients)
  • Comprehensive nutritional consultation
  • Advanced lifestyle assessments
  • Customised nutrition plan
  • Shopping lists according with your exercise phases and goals
  • Customised recipes for ALL your nutritional needs
  • Cellular detoxification
  • Supplementation (if required)

If you are investing in the Complete 12 weeks Body Transformation program, and experience health challenges, then these additional items could also be discussed and included:

  • Collaboration with your doctor to define how best to maintain and build your fitness with your condition
  • Clinical biochemistry consultation and advanced blood test interpretations

For every booked program, at the end you’ll benefit from these complementary services:

  • A 4-week support and follow up program
  • Two new focused workouts
  • 7-21 days food monitoring programme
  • 180 minutes direct Skype / phone line support, spread over 30 days.

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Unique Benefits of the Complete 12 weeks Body Transformation Program:

This 12 weeks body transformation program is the most effective you will find on the market, focused on your specific needs, using a holistic and integrated approach. By taking care of every aspect of your body and mind, my approach to exercise, lifestyle and nutrition is geared to:

  • Help you regenerate and rejuvenate faster
  • Dramatically increase your energy levels
  • Tone and lean your physique
  • Detox your body fast and safely
  • Achieve optimum health
  • Slim you down naturally
  • Maximise physical performance
  • Dramatically increase your confidence

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How can you guarantee a successful 12 weeks body transformation?

After 12 weeks of training you’ll be a changed person.

Don’t just take it from me, here’s what Celebrity Stylist, Emma Robinson had to say about her training:

“Alessi Jazz was born to train and he is 100% focused at all times. I lost over 14 pounds of fat and I transformed my lean body mass. I have nearly tripled my endurance level, now having a lean body and more energy than before.  He makes you believe that you are superhuman and through his unique personal training method he trains you so that you then believe you are.”

However, even after 12 weeks some good habits can begin to slip.

That’s why with every booked programme, at the end you’ll benefit from these complementary services:

A 4 week follow-up programme
2 new focused workouts
7-21 days food monitoring programme
180 minutes direct Skype/phone line support, (spread over 30 days) just in case.
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Limited Places Available – Secure Your Package Today

As you can imagine, there is only a limited number of people I can train at a time.

To guarantee I get the best results with my clients and we hit the goals set, I limit the number of places of the premium packages.

They are only offered twice a year on a first-come, first-served basis.

Once the places are filled, the registration reopen six months later.

Each package have a different intensity in terms of training and require a level of commitment.

So, please do not apply for these packages if you are unable to dedicate the time and effort to losing weight, getting fit and toned, adding strength and becoming the best you’ve ever felt.

Hear what clients have to say

Our greatest success stories are from those people who buy into the programme from the start. See what some of my clients have to say:

“I lost over 16 pounds of fat and I increased my muscle mass without using any weights what so ever.”

– W. T. – Police Officer

“I lost over 14 pounds of fat, I improved my muscle tone, strength, flexibility, posture and, most importantly, confidence.”

– Emma Robinson – Calibre Lifestyle

As a doctor, I guarantee that Jazz Alessi approach is the best. He personalises everything to the particular client’s needs and health status!

– Dr Alieta C. – PhD – doctorate in Clinical Bio-Analytical Chemistry and Molecular Medicine

“I boosted my running speed by at least 30% and my stamina by 50%. I can now sprint double the distance – and my recovery is faster by at least 30%.”

– Ken Yeng


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