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London Authentic Pilates for offices and businesses - Pilates exercises and how to correct posture!

Repetitive movements, poor posture, slumped and rounded shoulders, arms brought forward, downward gaze and curved back while sitting and staring at computer or TV screens all affect our body’s postural-structural integrity, and ultimately our mood too.

Slouched posture reduces shoulder scapula movement, squashes lungs, distorts breathing patterns and decreases total oxygen intake. The forward position of the head can overuse the ligaments of the cervical spine, along with the posterior muscle. It may also cause neck, head or shoulder pain.

Poor sitting habits, poor posture and repetitive movements create conditions not only for poor bio-mechanical movement, but also for more needless stress, worse intellectual-physical performance and vastly increased injury risk.

Good posture: By contrast, good posture is sexy, physically efficient – and makes space for all internal organs to perform as they should. Many body functions, including sex, depend on a healthy body, a good core, a balanced posture, GREAT HIP / PELVIS performance and optimum body alignment! Poor posture and negative sitting positions affect our breathing patterns and lower our oxygen intake. As we slouch, our oxygen intake slumps in squashed lungs. So reduced breathing and oxygenation makes depression rates soar!

By contrast, bad posture directly sets the stage for bad bio-mechanical movements, poor performance and injuries.

Optimum, good-posture improves body functioning and helps us to perform better in all aspects of our lives, whether physical or intellectual. All body functions depend on a healthy body, a good core, a balanced posture, on shoulders and hip/pelvis performance – and on optimum body alignment! Ultimately, even our sex life depends on these.

One-to-one Authentic Pilates corrects poor movement patterns while entrenching postural perfection, and mitigating damage from modern sedentary lifestyles, including repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

Pilates – Lower back pain, spine and neck problems: Many activities, from weight lifting with poor technique to sedentary desk jobs, force us to make repetitive movements; these create misalignments, breathing problems, and postural and other imbalances, risking injury to body structure.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, one in every six working days lost to ill-health is due to back pain, which effects up to four in every five people in Britain – and results in 4.5 million days off work a year. The biggest losers are not just the unfortunate sufferers, but also their employers who lose over £400 million annually.

A Pilates class at your work place will provide you with many benefits plus will improve your awareness, productivity and mood.  As a second generation Pilates teacher I know that Joseph Pilates authentic Pilates exercises and Pilates techniques can help you to balance not just your body alignment and correct posture but boost your optimum health too.

“I trained Jazz in the same way Joe trained me.”  ~ Lawrence Hayward ~ Joseph Pilates first student teacher

Imbalances in various muscles, including (but not limited to) the paravertebral muscles (along the spine), the rectus abdominis, the transversus, the psoas, the gluteus muscles, the hip flexors, the piriformis, the quadriceps and the hamstring can cause spine imbalances, back pain and injuries.

Combined movements such as forward bending and twisting are potentially very harmful.

Prolonged sitting in front of a computer, on a couch or at the office desk, poor bio-mechanics, incorrect weight lifting, muscle overload, muscle overuse and repetitive flexing, rotating or spine-extending movements can all further aggravate back-pain and spine-injuries.

One-to-one Pilates for back pain can teach you to recruit inefficient stabilisers while activating and mobilising deep, core muscle to put the body and spine in control; and, all the while, working correctly to strengthen a given muscle appropriately, creating good-posture and optimum body alignment.

Pilates combats back pain, corrects shortened and lengthened muscles, and teaches correct body structure engagement; and, ultimately, uses the large, complex powerhouse muscle group as it should be used.

Factors associated with office work, sitting, poor posture and suboptimal breathing patterns…

Suboptimal Breathing and Posture – Depression – Decreased expansion of lower rib cage/chest –  Low back pain – Sacroiliac Joint pain – Headaches – Increased lumbar-pelvic instability – Shortness of Breath / Dyspnea – Decreased exercise tolerance  – Decreased intra-abdominal pressure – Increased lumbar lordosis – Increased abdominal length  – Increased anterior pelvic tilt – Increased hamstring length – Poor neuromuscular control of core muscles – Decreased trans-diaphragm pressure – Decreased respiratory efficiency  – Asthma

Whether for lordosis, scoliosis, kyphosis, sway or flat back etc, a one-to-one, individually tailored Authentic Pilates exercise will alleviate back pain dramatically. Pilates is an efficient method of exercise that’s for everyone. It guides you, the client, along a tailored, smart, safe route, up through different levels of progression.

If you are working long hours in an office or at the desk in your home and you are concerned about your health, posture or if you already experience elbow, shoulder or back pain etc, contact me so I’ll work closely with you and help you regain your much needed physical balance.

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