Hip Rehabilitation

Hip Rehabilitation

My Pilates Personal Training based in London provides the best approach in terms of hip rehabilitation, injury rehabilitation from accidents, injuries and sports and assure that your injury recovery or recovery after accidents is achievable and goes smoothly helping you to rebuild the body you deserve.

Using Pilates in a bespoke manner and in various ways to help to recover a London client after a hip injury always works. Pilates Personal Training takes into account all client limitations, strengths and weaknesses and empowers your body with bespoke programme for hip rehab designed to fit your special circumstances and help you to make the progress you require and to recover after injury very fast.

Being trained to work with injured clients by the reputable sport physiotherapists Ulrik Larsen and Chris Mallac and working as an accredited rehab trainer I consider to be a huge plus.

I will use specialised rehabilitation techniques offering you unique benefits from both methods Pilates and Personal Training Rehab with a scientific approach and efficient rehabilitation programme design to work for your body and I will help you to recover fast.

Please use the Contact Form, and let me know exactly what you’d like to achieve – and I guarantee to get back to you in less than 24 hours!