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Keeping fit in the Centre of London may be a daunting prospect. You could go out for a jog around Hyde Park, but if you are feeling a little body conscious, this can be scary for some. There are people everywhere, at all hours of the day and night, so venturing out on your own may become a serious barrier preventing you from reaching your fitness goals.

Adopting a fitness routine that won’t make you feel like you’ve been sent to the Tower of London for punishment is no easy task either. So, what can you do to stay fit in the Centre of London?


Defeat self-consciousness and with a range of enjoyable activities armed with an elite and specialised personal trainer. Jazz Alessi has trained one to one private clients, entire sport teams, military personnel and a range of athletes in a variety of specialisms.

With Jazz Alessi, your personal training schedule will compliment your fast paced, city centre life. London will become your playground and you will feel empowered to strive towards a more elite you.

Everything within Jazz Alessi’s fitness packages is tailored to your needs, your goals and your schedule.

Your personal training options in Central London

  • The secrets of long term weight loss
  • Establishing a delicious nutrition plan with a certified nutritionist to feel good inside and out
  • Transform your body into the temple that you want it to be with personalised fitness plans
  • Get expertise in Pilates from a 2nd generation Pilates teacher  and trainer- There are less than 20 teachers with this level of ability in the London area

Alongside Jazz, a personal trainer in Central London, you can achieve your fitness dreams knowing that you have all of the support that you need in every area of fitness. We are your London based certified one-stop-shop for taking control of your diet and fitness to become a happier and healthier individual.


The stress of city life can be exacerbated greatly if you have had the unfortunate experience of having a stroke, heart attack or other potentially life changing injury.

Achieving the maximum recovery from an event such as this takes bravery, determination and drive. You may also need both specialist medical and fitness guidance so that you can discover the best course of action to take the next step towards recovery.

Jazz Alessi understands the level of commitment and careful planning that it takes to reach health and fitness goals successfully during rehabilitation. He will empower you to achieve the recovery, you may not have thought possible.

Contact Jazz Alessi – a personal trainer in Central London to enquire about specialist rehabilitation:

  • Long term injury rehabilitation
  • Qualified nutrition advice and customised to your goals meal plans
  • Specialist heart attack rehabilitation
  • Specialised stroke rehabilitation

Get in touch today! There is a way that you can achieve your health and fitness goals, regardless of where you’re starting from. Gain confidence and become stronger than ever before so that you can take on the Centre of London with even more force than ever before.


Jazz Alessi is an elite personal trainer based in Central London. He can provide you with a one-stop-shop for all of your health and fitness needs, ensuring that you reach your health goals without it costing you all of your time.

Jazz is an elite personal trainer who has provided 14000+ hours of personal training to his clients


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