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London Raw-Food Preparation Classes – Nutritionally rich 

Scientifically sound

Colourful, Tasty, Fresh and Lush!

Raw-Food preparation classes professionally taught by a Harley Street Nutritionist and Dietitian

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These 2. 1/2 hours each special raw-food classes and practical food preparation demonstrations are used very successfully by most of my VIP clients, from models, actors, fashion designers and celebrities to doctors, athletes, lawyers and corporate figureheads: people who all need sustained energy!

Learn to:

  •  Prepare the most sumptuous, satisfying and tastier, nutritious meals in max 5-15 min
  •  Prepare really balanced meals according with your own challenges, targets and goals
  •  Increase your energy levels, optimum health, physical performance
  •  Detox your body Fast and most important safely
  •  Save precious time, CUT CRAVINGS, reduce Stress, Anxiety, achieve a BALANCED MOOD
  •  Prevent premature Aging process, Osteoporosis and bone loss through bespoke Nutrition and Exercise

This is a private workshop just for you [or your organisation], where the secret word is “sumptuous taste king flavour” and the real queen is the nutrition science providing you with your best food choices – all completely tailored to your type of activities, your metabolism, goals and individualities (upon agreement only).

Sumptuous tastes and Enchanting Raw Food Gourmet.

ALL private nutrition classes teaching, nutritional curriculum and schedules are based on Dietitian and Personal Training Master Raw Food Preparation Nutrition Modules and brings you the latest in nutrition science and nutrition principles.

Because this approach involves the best nutritional and Dietitian science available, and less preparation, it results in truly tasty “fast food” – only fabulously healthy, as well as delicious: ideal for the urban and very busy lifestyle!

WE also offer:

  •   Complete Food menu designing for your restaurant
  •   Creative recipes uniquely designed for your restaurant and venue
  •   Specific Nutrition, Practical Nutrition combining classes and more at your chosen venue for You and YOUR STAFF (please contact us if you want more information)


Fig 1. A customised nutrition diet plan containing optimum dietary intakes helps you to improve optimum health. We design it custom  to achieve a fast and safe Natural Weight Loss or put on weight healhy and safely.

Would you like to benefit from:

  •   A personalised nutrition programme designed by a dietitian for your own body metabolism, body type, gender, activities levels, unique challenges, individualities, targets and goals ?
  • Learning the safest, – the best macronutrients intake ratio optimising your protein and carbohydrates synthesis, your nutritional diet intakes and body-metabolism ?

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  Are you looking to :

  • Achieve SUSTAINABLE, – Fast and Safe WEIGHT LOSS through the natural nutrition you eat
  • Sky-rocket your energy levels, vitality and physical performance through nutrition
  • Achieve Faster, – accelerated recovery after prolonged exercise, marathon, triathlon training or exhaustion
  • Improve or resolve digestion problems, allergies, food sensitivities and skin issues

  Would you do better when you will know how to :

  • Absorb more iron from your meals and combat anaemia
  • Absorb more calcium from your meals
  • Learn  how to make your kids to love vegetables
  • Know what sweeteners to use if you have a sweet tooth
  • Learn  how to dramatically slash meal preparation or cooking time
  • etc,

Fig 2. Join our London Raw Food Preparation classes, learn what are the best nutritional juices and antioxidants combinations.

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Skyrocket your energy, accelerate weight loss, improve skin texture, – Naturally Detox and Cleanse


In mere minutes, I teach you how to prepare, select, combine and serve delicious, fresh, colourful, amazing, unique raw-vegan food recipes; totally packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and anti-oxidants.

This class provides you with the most effective, tailored, natural organic foods, fresh juices, smoothies, food combinations, wild plants and natural herbs – which you can buy from any market and immediately incorporate into your kitchen.

This is a powerful three hours of food demonstration (Book right  NOW and get 30 min extra bonus) a one-to-one food preparation for you or your family or friends – full of fun, where you learn how to prepare smoothies, juices, and raw foods in the healthiest – and most delicious – way; and, of course, completely tailored to your individual goals.

Fig 3. Menu Food Design, – Food Preparation and Food Coaching

A customised nutrition diet plan containing colorful and juicy plant based raw-foods nutrition maximises your energy, fitness and boost your mind performance!!

When applied the unique food combination I share will positively impact your focus, being, mood, skin, muscle tissue and the way you look. This class delivers the most concentrated possible complex, bespoke food combinations: full of natural nutrients, free radical-fighting antioxidants and phytochemicals.

Fig 4. Healthy, tasty fast foods good your both memory and your heart

Enchanting Gourmet - Sumptuous tastes - Culinary Education

These are just few benefits from your unique Raw Food-Preparation Classes designed by dietitian, Jazz Alessi:  

1. Maximises your natural vitamin intake, according to your needs
2. Increases your essential mineral intake in a bespoke manner
3. Reduces cell toxicity
4. Provides gentle [or fast – you decide!] natural detox
5. Helps to cleanse your body of pollution effects, toxins and chemicals
6. Increases body immunity
7. Reduces cell damage
8. Reduces the effects of oxidative stress
9. Increases the essential phytonutrient intake
10. Improves cellular signalling and cell repair
11. Improves athletic performance
12. Accelerates recovery after sport and exercise
13. Helps you to lose weight fast and safe
14. Reduces and cuts cravings
15. Increases mental focus
16. Helps you to bring balance into your life
17. Improves confidence and mood

  Learn    what foods you must have to increase your anti-oxidant intake, decrease free radical damage and minimise cancer risks!

  Learn    the foods and drinks that you need to prepare at the comfort of your home to increase your energy dramatically

  Increase   your youngish and good-looking factor, bounce around with energy and increase your vitality – be able to do much more and achieve more!

You won’t want to miss this fun and entertaining class and workshop, where you will enjoy decadent, lush, fresh foods; prepared on the spot, along with a fiesta of green treats – while seeing how easily and practically you can design and assemble flavour-full, fabulous meals just in minutes!

If you like to have something like this at your work place call your organisation or your boss and tell them about the benefits you’re going to get.

Let your friends know! Team up, and share with them this unique opportunity.

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