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Finding A Personal Trainer in West London

West London brings to mind the city’s love for animals, the outdoors and what lurks in the depths of the ocean. There is plenty to enjoy including a Sea Life Centre, parks and a Zoo.

Although these activities are great for the family, they aren’t exactly high calorie burning, therefore when you are living in West London, you need additional support and resources in order to stay on top of your health and fitness.


Are you an aspiring athlete from West London? Is your team looking to improve their performance to compete in 2018? Or are you simply seeking expert advice on the best ways to lose weight, tone up and achieve the body that you always wanted?

Jazz Alessi elite personal trainer will help you with all of the above. He is a fitness expert professional situated on your doorstep in West London, so you have easy access to the expertise that you need:

  • Weight loss experts
  • Body transformation specialists
  • Certified nutritionists
  • 2nd generation Pilates teachers
  • Rehabilitation experts


A real mark of an expert in personal training is the ability to be able to refine a person’s health and fitness routine to work towards specific objectives, the individual’s requirements and that person’s lifestyle.

Health and fitness should be a positive aspect of your life, not a hindrance. This is why you need to personalise your nutrition and personal training routine. However, this can become a very time-consuming task if you are new to the world of organised and effective fitness training or want to reach a particular goal.

This is where Jazz Alessi’s one-stop-shop for personal training and health and fitness plans really excels above the competition.

Jazz provides one on one weight loss training for 20 years but, he also worked with professional athletes and teams as well as the armed forces. His strategic and personal approach to your fitness goals will work wonders for your life and your health.


Speak to a qualified, elite personal trainer if you are interested in any of the following personal training services in the area of West London:

  • Weight loss
  • Red carpet event
  • Nutrition diet plan
  • Flexibility training
  • Core strength building
  • Charity event training
  • Army fitness training
  • Team training
  • Injury recovery for your knee, hip and shoulder
  • Rehabilitation after a heart attack or stroke

Get in touch with Jazz Alessi today to find out more about how we can create a tailored fitness and nutrition plan for you.


First of all, if you are looking to begin rehabilitation and increase your levels of physical activity but have a pre-existing medical condition, you must always consult a doctor before undertaking any form of strenuous physical activity.

This will not only prevent further injury, but it will assist an experienced rehabilitation fitness professional in understanding your condition, as well as the best way to cater to any special requirements that you may have for your road to recovery.

Jazz Alessi is an experienced rehabilitation recovery professional, who takes a person-centered approach to personal training with those who may have suffered from illness or injury.

Rehabilitation services offered in West London include:

  • Long term injuries
  • Customised nutrition advice and complete meal plans
  • Specialist heart attack rehabilitation
  • Specialist stroke rehabilitation

Please get in touch today to find out more information about these services and other personal training specialisms that can get you to your fitness goals.


Jazz Alessi is an elite personal trainer based in West London. He can provide you with a one-stop-shop for all of your health and fitness needs, ensuring that you reach your health goals without it costing you all of your time.

Jazz is an elite personal trainer who has provided 14000+ hours of personal training to his clients

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