Back Rehabilitation

Back Rehabilitation

As a second generation London Pilates teacher I know that my back injuries Pilates focused program and my one-to-one Pilates Personal Training techniques will help you and will improve your back performance and in most of the cases will help to completely get rid of the back pain.

How do I know this? Back pain was the main reason why I started to practice Pilates.

After practicing many years Pilates in London to cure my back pain the results were so great that I have decided to study Pilates with a first generation Pilates teacher who trained directly with Joseph Pilates and to learn about the Pilates Method first hand.

Many forms of exercise focus on big groups of muscles. Pilates focuses on how all body parts are lined up and work together and with each other, on core-work and in integrating all groups of muscles to improve balance, create support and to stabilise our limbs, trunk and your back.

Joseph H. Pilates with his amazing Pilates exercises and Pilates techniques helped many professionals to rehabilitate their back after very serious injuries. Many people vouch that the Pilates Method is the best method one could use to rehabilitate a hurt back.

When luck of awareness about muscles, incorrect-dynamic alignment, overload, incorrect lifting techniques and poor posture is used back pain and back injury events will occur. Repetitive-movements, muscular imbalances, poor posture, injuries, pelvic instability, core-strength and core-support all can affect our back health.

Now, I teach Pilates Method of Exercise as a second generation Pilates teacher, I rehabilitated my back and I can help you to recover after a back pain event, back injury and provide you with everything you must have to rehabilitate your back to.

Furthermore, I’m a qualified master rehab trainer. After training intensively with the famous physiotherapists Ulrik Larsen and Chris Mallac in my practice now I use one of the most comprehensive, effective and unique methods to help you to rehabilitate your back injury and apply the appropiate back pain rehab.

In the meantime please use the contact form, and let me know exactly what you’d like to achieve – and I guarantee to get back to you in less than 24 hours!