Personal Training London

North London

In North London, you can find a range of pleasures including Alexandra Palace, Clissold Park and Kenwood House.


Islington is a proud symbol of fitness in London. This is the home of one of the largest football stadiums in the country: Arsenal Football Club – so it’s no wonder there is such a buzz about fitness amongst the residents.

South London

Living in South London means that you are close to the hustle and bustle of our capital city.

Life is fast paced in South London, so you need to be too.

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is a pleasantly green, glass, steel and historic area of London that has a lot to offer to anyone who lives there.


Kensington is a beautiful part of our capital city. It’s luxurious and exclusive abodes, bars and surroundings make this one of the best places to live in London.

London Bridge

The area surrounding London Bridge offers many beautiful riverside views and buildings. This is a busy area of London and this factor alone makes doing a bit of fitness training much more daunting.

West London

West London brings to mind the city’s love for animals, the outdoors and what lurks in the depths of the ocean. There is plenty to enjoy including a Sea Life Centre, parks and a Zoo.

East London

Nestled within the East of London, there are those who seek to empower themselves by adopting an elite health and fitness routine that will make them stronger, faster and more focused than ever before.

Central London

Keeping fit in the Centre of London may be a daunting prospect. You could go out for a jog around Hyde Park, but if you are feeling a little body conscious, this can be scary for some.

Would you like to get back your confidence and achieve optimum weight, optimum posture and high energy with a personal trainer in London?

Join our complete body transformation programmes to get a toned and functional physique.”

Over 25 years first hand Elite Personal Trainer experience!

Personal Training Master Jazz Alessi provides you with a structured and scientific personal training method for Complete Body Transformations.

You too can enjoy transforming your fitness, health and body image by exercising with Jazz Alessi as he is using a varied and very efficient approach containing unique and smart body-conditioning exercise systems, 2nd Generation Pilates Method of Exercise, weight training  and selected Stretching, Yoga techniques, and other multidisciplinary exercise approaches and sports techniques.

This integrated, holistic and unique approach of Personal training in London is completely geared towards your unique body needs and gets you a strong, flexible, fitter and a lean physique. You achieve fast and safe sustainable weight loss results while increasing your energy levels and vitality using this exclusive and unique, holistic, integrated fitness and nutrition programme.

Jazz has personally trained:

Medical Doctors
Actors and Actresses
World-Champions Athletes
Fashion designers and Victoria Secrets Models
Footballers  andProfessional Rugby Players etc.
A-List Celebrities
Police Officers
High CEO’s
High Achievers and Bankers
As well as numerous clients to help them achieve their Ultimate-Body-Transformation, Peak-Performance and Wellness

Watch this short video and see what Jazz Alessi’s clients have to say about his Personal TrainingLondon based method, Nutrition services and Nutritional educationProfessional Expertise and his Support Services.

Jazz Alessi’s integrated approach and his personal training fitness programmes are completely tailored to all your individual’s requirements and needs, measurable fitness targets, and short or long term goals.

An Elite Personal Trainer is:

A fully certified professional with distinct areas of practical expertise, and Separate qualifications, issued and recognised by the relevant Fitness & Nutrition Industry Body in each field
One who has the required and relevant long term experience and teaches scientifically precise training techniques

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Some of the most sought Personal Training Programmes  and  Services:


✓    Four Weeks Intensive Programme    –  Personal Training, Nutrition and Pilates etc.

✓     Six Weeks Intensive Programme     –  Personal Training, Bespoke Nutrition and Authentic Pilates etc.


We are also providing you a limited numbers of 6 months and yearly rock solid personal training in London comprehensive membership.

6 months and yearly rock solid Elite personal training in London


Every personal training programme is designed individually for your complete physical fitness while considering some important factors like:

  • Your oxidative stress levels,
  • Health status,
  • Body type,
  • Activity levels and your profession,
  • Age,
  • Weight,
  • Gender,
  • Genetic predisposition,
  • Metabolism and any other particular and individual need
  • Challenges
  • Specific Targets
  • Individual Goals
  • ETC  

Jazz works closely with you to: Get you Fit, Toned and Lean fast but also safely.  He professionally supports you once and for all to achieve your desired Weight Loss Targets and Fitness Goals while you enjoy your training.  

Enjoy your body transformation NOW becoming LEANER, more FUNCTIONALPERFORMANT,  STRONGER, and FLEXIBLE, your new HEALTHY and LEAN PHYSIQUE using Jazz Alessi’s long term experience and his body-transformation short cuts. When you choose Jazz Alessi’s Method you benefit immediately from functional core fitness and an optimum correct posture, the correct science of movement of preventing sports injuries using a unique bio-mechanical approach to training and exercise.

Choose best from plenty of personal trainers to achieve maximum results with a holistic approach

Jazz Alessi is very different from other training studios in London or personal trainers. He only works with private clients therefore his approach with over 25 years of first hand Elite Personal Training is all clients benefit based.

This very individualised, precise, unique approach and care towards you, your targets and goals provides you with many varied and added benefits making the Personal Training Master coaching and training delivery approach unique and very different from any other training studios in London.

Such a unique integrated approach helps you achieve transformational results quickly and easily, this is why Victoria Secrets models, medical doctors, fashion designers and police officers are training with Personal Training Master, Jazz Alessi.

Jazz Alessi’s Elite Personal Training unique coaching approach makes you feel very inspired and aware, comfortable and motivated all the time. Therefore, you can achieve greater results quickly and easily. 

Jazz trains you happily at your home or the location you choose therefore you are saving precious time to use with your family and business.

Vibrant, Fit, Lean and Healthy –  Peak Performance, Holistic Health, Fun and Longevity  – in an unique approach !

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Jazz Alessi’s clients transforms their bodies fast and safe following smartly tailored and integrated personal training methods personally chosen by one of the best  Personal Trainer London:

 ✓   Integrated core and Functional Training

 ✓   Fast Shaping Body System

 ✓   Advanced Body Architect Programme

 ✓   2nd Generation – The Lean Pilates System

 ✓   Cross-Fit training

 ✓   Body Building by London Personal trainer

 ✓   Kick-boxing

 ✓   Mixed Martial Arts

 ✓   Circuit Training

 ✓   Yoga Stretching

 ✓   Flexibility Training

 ✓   Athletics. Gymnastic, Triathlon, Marathon Training Preparations

 ✓   Metabolism Stimulation and many more – please feel free to ask if you have questions.

Personal Training Master – Best route to transforming your body and become fit

The answer to Jazz Alessi client’s success  is the masterful  integration of training methods and a very personalised holistic approach and care.

We are your perfect selection when you want to get ready for a marriage and wedding, preparing for an acting role or acting event, sports competition and marathon or prepare for a charity event. NOW, you have a chance to change or transform the level of your fitness and transform your life working closely with a highly professional London personal trainer.

Jazz Alessi – has over 25 years of experience in elite personal training, lectures about using a scientific nutritional approach, coaches his clients and provides individual Advanced Nutrition Consultations and very Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessments.

The personal training programmes of “Jazz Alessi” support you to transform:

    ✓   Your Body Shape and Image

    ✓   Body endurance

    ✓   Athletic Performance

    ✓   Build Lean Muscle mass

     ✓   Naturally Lose weight melting the undesirable fat

    ✓   Strength levels

    ✓   Flexibility levels

    ✓   Physical performance, appearance and body-look

    ✓   Fitness levels and body shape

    ✓   Increase personal safety

    ✓   Your Body Composition (BMI)

Personal Trainer London delivers you a complete physical fitness programme, motivating and inspiring with appropriate coaching to think differently and feel empowered on every aspect of your journey.

Our training programs are specifically tailored to satisfy any needs and requirements of any individuals.

Four week’s intensive programme, six weeks intensive program and 12 weeks full body transformation programme are your three major programmes that enable you to achieve and go beyond your fitness targets through bespoke personal training in London.

We are also offering you a limited numbers of 6 months and yearly comprehensive exclusive membership.

We are working very closely with you creating your bespoke personal training plan tailored to:

Your age, gender
Injuries and special needs
Oxidative stress levels
Body metabolism and body type
Existing weight levels and your desirable weight
Stress level
Profession and activity levels
Short term targets
Long term goals
Very individual needs

What else could you get from an individualised workout programs?

Personal Training Master is the best fitness, nutrition and Pilates center specialised in personal training in London, delivering integrated, client based services.
We are a reputable and very unique team of Elite Personal Trainers, Medical doctors, Nutritionists anda  Bio-chemist expert working closely with our clients helping them to transform and stay fit, healthy and calm and achieve maximum in their lives.

Personal Training Master Team has qualified, extremely friendly and professional experts in their unique field of practice.

Therefore we are offering you more than that…… WE PROVIDE you with:

Perfect Programme Individualisation, Integration and Comprehensive Approach for your Holistic Complete Body Transformation

✓   Your unique Body Map: Your oxidative stress level, metabolic rate, personal, and/or health challenges as well as many other individual lifestyle factors determine your route to success. All these factors are analysed in depth and are professionally mapped out during your initial consultation.

✓   Successful Individualised Programmes: Each personal training and nutrition programme is completely unique. Your nutrition plan would be based upon your metabolic rate and all the other individualities, which make every individual very different from others at the cellular level.

✓   Professional support throughout the whole programme: An essential part of your Personal Training Programme, pro-active dietary support is carried on throughout the whole programme while providing professional consultations and nutritional coaching and guidance regularly during each and every week.

✓   Professional support at the end of the programme: At the end of your personal training programme you will receive full support from Jazz who will help you develop a sustainable transition and maintenance plan to ensure that your positive results continue and your habits stick, whether you train with Jazz or on your own.


   Exclusive and comprehensive elite personal training boosted with natural nutrition, smart fitness exercises, motivation and coaching.
Our personal training program, nutrition and Pilates are completely tailored and suits everyone.
Our unique and inspirational coaching process helping you achieving your targets and unique goals faster.
Personal Training Master apply scientifically proven and precise techniques during the whole training session of an individual.
Personal Training Master provide exercise and nutrition solutions for back pain, sciatica, regular headaches and spinal injury rehabilitation.

Would you like achieving ?

✓   Transformational body-appearance, body-image, confidence and optimum weight levels?

✓   A Lean, Toned and Functional Physique?

✓   Vitality  and Bursting with Energy throughout the day so, you’ll be able to do more?

✓   Optimum Posture, Peak-body-Performance and Optimum Health?

✓   Fast Recovery rates after intense Personal Training or workout sessions?

FAST  CONTACT: To arrange an INITIAL FREE CONSULTATION, to discuss how you can achieve your Complete Body-Transformation or to work directly with Jazz Alessi please feel free to Contact us by clicking directly on this link, – we’ll contact you back.<>

 Alternatively you can call us directlyonour mobile number 0771586 9480  however we’d prefer sending us some initial data regarding your targets, goals and challenges therefore it is best to send us an email, first.