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This is a photograph of me when I first met Jazz in London and discussed about following an integrated programme containing personal training, Pilates, nutrition and coaching. I was diagnosed with grade 3 stage...

This is a photograph of me when I first met Jazz in London and discussed about following an integrated programme containing personal training, Pilates, nutrition and coaching.

I was diagnosed with grade 3 stage 2 breast cancer and I was seriously ill. I had just come off the end of 18 months cancer treatment. I had gone through chemotherapy, radiotherapy, an operation, 18 months of herceptin, and I was really very very weak.

When I started personal training with Jazz, I was so weak I couldn’t even get out the bath. My knees didn’t work, I was in a really bad state physically. I found it tricky to get out the bath, my knees were weak, I found it really hard to do any running of any sort, I was just really really weak both emotionally and physically.

I had lost a lot of my own mojo in a way through being ill, and I began to feel really old, and tired, and weak, and I was kind of cycling into that older woman moment.

My kids were not happy to see that, I was not happy to see that, and fortunately for me I met Jazz.

I have always felt 100% cared for, safe and supported with Jazz.

The customised Pilates exercises Jazz designed for me helped me to completely get rid of my back pains, tension in my shoulders, and hip pain and increased my body coordination, flexibility and overall improved the range of movement throughout my body.  These are only a few Pilates benefits I experienced since I started training with Jazz.

There has never been a session, which has caused me pain or injury, and your personal style has always been uplifting, positive and compassionate.

What Jazz does is prepare a customised personal training programme, for you as an individual.

Jazz is very demanding, he’s very good, but he’s very compassionate as well, and what’s great about training with him, is that he pushes me, further than I can imagine, but at the same time he keeps me safe so I don’t hurt myself.

Training with Jazz has given me a new found energy and has built me up to feel confident in my body again.

I really look forward to life, I’m enjoying life, and I enjoy the discipline he gives me and the strategic way we work together.

Just recently I had a clear bill of health from the Marsden. They keep an eye on me because I had quite serious breast cancer, but the great news is combined with traditional medicines and this great healthy exercise plan and nutritional plan that Jazz has put in place, I’m feeling so much stronger and so much better.

I have really appreciated Jazz gentle humour and compassionate approach in encouraging me to reach my targets. Not focusing on weight but rather enjoying personalised training, beautiful foods and good nutrition, I have been able to lose weight without focusing on it.

The improvements I have seen since I began training with Jazz included things like   weight loss, I’m about two stone lighter now than I was when we first met.

Flexibility, I had a very restricted range of movements but now I can move my arms much higher, my back, my spine, all those things have improved. I am now much more flexible and agile. My balance and co-ordination has improved greatly and I am able to feel a deep sense of well-being and strength returning with each session.

I am feeling much stronger now my muscle strength is improving and that both my stamina and strength has increased.

My legs are much stronger and I am aware that my knees, which did always feel as if they were about to snap, are also becoming more flexible and strengthening.

Your focus on building the muscles around my knees are brilliant.

On top of that cardiovascular work we do has included sprinting, running in the park, and I can run for a bus now, which helps.

My skin texture has improved, I think my brain cells are improving as well J which is a good thing.

And so generally my optimistic spirit and the way I can look at life, and embrace life in all its abundance and beauty, is a really great thing I can attribute to my change in exercise and nutrition.

Internally, my body is stronger, my skin texture is more healthy, I feel more alert, bright, eating superfoods is such a great thing, and there are many aspects of Jazz encouragement on that, that has kept me focused.

I am blessed to say that many people comment on my skin … saying it appears glowing and healthy; that  I look younger … in fact someone asked me last week if I’d ever had Botox… I giggled and said “What’s that?”

So yes … Even the expensive skin shops on Neal Street have commented that my “skin looks great but how about trying some special eye cream?”

And with fitness as well, I just feel stronger.

My energy levels are improving daily. I am now finding energy that I haven’t felt for years i.e. at least a couple of years before my diagnosis.

My balance has also improved. Because I think that’s a really important part of staying young, and fit.

I am very pleased to be feeling so much stronger physically. This empowering sense of wellness has given me a renewed zest for life and I am already feeling years younger and am aware with your help I have been able to reverse the Granny trend and the ageing that was beginning to grab me post Chemo and Toxin- Overload!!

I am able to complete challenging tasks with a positive, healthy spirit. I have embarked on a new career as an artist whilst at the same time letting go of my old life with legal, financial and personal challenges that have needed to be addressed. I am able to embrace all the different aspects that life presents to me.

I can also out-walk many of my healthier friends!!

So now, I feel so fit in fact, I’m feeling so much better, than I did twenty years ago I think.

My self confidence and the way I look at life now has really changed.

So, there have been so many aspects to training with Jazz, and to him paying close attention to my diet that has affected the way I feel now.

When I had specific questions I found Jazz really intellectually engaging.

I would recommend anyone that’s been seriously ill and wants to get their fitness back, that been my personal story.

If you’ve lost confidence in your own abilities, and you feel nervous about where your heading, and you feel just someone alongside you, who has got compassion and a brilliant understanding of how the body and nutrition works, then I would highly recommend Jazz.

For others who are young, fit, in the middle of their lives, whatever, everyone can benefit, so I would say anyone who has the luxury of some time and focus and possibility, spend time with Jazz, it would do everyone good.

I was very nervous about my body before but now I feel good about it.

It has been an absolute pleasure and an honour to be trained by you! I am so grateful for your encouragement and support at such a challenging and potentially difficult time in my life. I have been going through many changes and to know you are alongside me to give me the focus, strength and support has been invaluable. A precious gift beyond price.

Thank you beyond words.

Onwards and upwards…

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