Ken Yeng

I’m feeling so much stronger after training with Jazz! One of the biggest single gain from Jazz’s personal training has been doing chin ups. I couldn’t do a single proper chin up before working with him!...

I’m feeling so much stronger after training with Jazz! One of the biggest single gain from Jazz’s personal training has been doing chin ups. I couldn’t do a single proper chin up before working with him! But now, after four weeks of outdoor training, my greatest achievement to date has been doing 3 sets of 6, correct-form chin-ups! And I keep improving!

I wanted to prevent weight loss and increase my muscle mass. With Jazz training approach and just very small nutrition changes I gained over  1 1/2 kilos of a clean muscle mass. My back healthy also improved. The back pain I sporadically had completely disappeared and, my flexibility nearly doubled.

During my first week of training, my stamina was bad; to the extent that even after running just 200m-300m, at a moderate speed, I would be panting, and would need a good while to recover.  After only four weeks of training, I boosted my running speed by at least 30% – and my stamina by 50%. Jazz also introduced me to sprinting.  I can now sprint double the distance – and my recovery is faster by at least 30%. With Jazz’s personal training and his exercise approach, the body learns to recover faster and, more importantly, gets stronger faster.

I was taught special breathing techniques and Pilates exercises, to help realign my body-posture after intense workouts, such as strength training, sprinting or endurance. These included high quality, smart stretching exercises, which made big difference, helping my muscles recover faster the next day.

Outdoor strength training helped me integrate my whole body, since each of Jazz’ strength workouts automatically uses the whole body – a complete pump every time!

Unlike gym training, where each muscle or muscle group is isolated, outdoor training is always a compound exercise. This allows it to enhance my coordinationalignmentbody-posture and overall stability, as well as my strength.

Jazz uses different gym equipment and cable workouts too, which require me to control my body as a whole, while targeting the muscles of interest via specialised pulling and pushing exercises.

The Pilates exercises are fantastic, because they improve so many aspects of the body: coordination,posture, balance, stability and – most importantly – energy levels and intense workout recovery speed.

Even after a really long, hard workout, I can recover the next day, without my muscles’ feeling too sore!

This is in contrast to the workout I used to use before: an hour in the gym, only hitting chest and triceps, or back and biceps, using a standard workout programme which, by Jazz’ standards, was very poorly conceived.

The day after those workouts, I would be feeling half dead.

And, yes!  The outdoor conditions can make working out more difficult sometimes. But, I believe thisenhances my body-resistance, and increases my overall strength.

Now, with Jazz’s approach, I am more energetic than before; I have more clarity mentally, and am far better focussed throughout the day. The Pilates and stretching exercises help me conserve and boost my energy, after working hard for a whole session. Jazz’s special cool-downs stopped me feeling tired from the workout, even though I had trained very hard.

In some sessions, I trained for double the official time. These sessions included a dynamic warm-up, stretching, strength work or sprinting and Pilates – together with unique, specialist stretching and cool-down methods.

Despite training for such long hours, the fatigue – which had made me want to collapse before – just didn’t hit me.

And, most importantly, I could feel that I was really thoroughly exercised,  throughout my  body.

I have also noticed a massive improvement in my dance routines, especially regarding my body control. My movements are now more precise than they were before. I have better stamina, compared to before. At the end of 4 weeks’ training with Jazz, 3 hours of dance classes just felt like a warm up!

Isolation and body posture have both improved. Jazz’s personal training approach is smart: it maximizes your physical improvement, while reducing your chances of getting injuries.

Crucially, his various techniques, including strength and specialised body-weight conditioning exercises, Pilates, and breathing and stretching, all accelerate recovery. This speeds up my progress towards my personal fitness goals.

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