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As a doctor with long term experience in Cancer research I can say that Alessi Jazz is an extraordinary person, very inspirational, with a unique healing and training approach and health protocols...

As a doctor with long term experience in Cancer research I can say that Alessi Jazz is an extraordinary person, very inspirational, with a unique healing and training approach and health protocols.

Alessi Jazz complex and integrated strategies for training people uses an unique approach which support healing and get immediate results.

What I like about Jazz Alessi approach, is that everything is personalised to the particular client’s needs and health status  which is crucial!

As a doctor, I guarantee that this approach is the best, as each individual might have specific health conditions which need a particular detailed attention when nutrition and physical exercise changes is a subject.

Lifestyle change is very important, as it will improve the overall wellbeing and health of the client.

His physical education qualifications exceeding everything I have seen until know.

Everyone will improve and perform better using Jazz Alessi approach; he is very well trained and informed in exercise and immunity, the science of correct bio-mechanical movement, nutrition, general medical knowledge and advanced physiology.

He performs a constant progressive training that increases fitness and help you to naturally lose weight, improves your posture, and to get rid of back pain.

Jazz helps you to develops pulmonary capacity and smartly stimulate your metabolism; all this lead to improved immunity, better health and performance and when need it clean and lean muscle accumulation.

He achieves this in a gradual and integrative program by using a unique combination of body weight, Pilates, conditioning, Yoga, Martial arts, gym equipment and gymnastics exercises.

One of Jazz’s gifts is back rehabilitation – something I used to suffer greatly but, not anymore, thanks to him!

Thinking positive and being highly motivated is the best way to success and he knows how to achieve this.

He is also working alonside you on the mind and values alignment; this approach is truly powerful for stress reduction, increase performance and healing and accelerate positive changes in our well-being. He employs special breathing techniques that calm the body and mind and improves immunity via multiple mechanisms.

His nutrition approach considers starting with specific detox strategies (so needed these days! due to severe pollution and heavy metal intoxications – lead and mercury due to amalgam fillings, fish consumption, lead paint etc.) all performed in the most natural way using ONLY natural foods and natural organic products and supplements!

Alessi is also a very knowledgeable nutritionist and he eats only raw and vegan.

He trains very intensive yet, he is recovering in no time.

If you want to go the extra mile he will scientifically design for you even a proper raw vegan or vegan diet which will not lack anything and will consider all the physiological needs, as essential and non-essential nutriments and will support your body regeneration, slowing down the clock and assisting it to recover quicker.

Vitamins, minerals, daily value intake of proteins, carbs, fiber and fats are all considered in Jazz diet and nutrition advice, as well as the particular’s person needs for calorie intake and metabolic needs.

His foods are designed to be very complex and even include wild plants and healing herbs and natural supplements.

He will teach the client how to make, truly healing juices and smoothies and how to juice for the health, which will benefit them from the cellular level and activate their natural detoxification.

Thus he will employ with his clients a new better way of eating and a new way of life! Alessi has a “beneficial green integrated” approach, recommending the best and the cleanest products and ways to change completely in good a lifestyle!

I was very impressed by his choices and all his knowledge in the area of natural and supplements which could be lifesaving.

Alessi promotes equilibrium in everything and always inspires you to have a positive attitude.

Jazz Alessi is truly, a personal training master and I strongly recommend him!

Founder of DrcHealthandBeauty.Com

Dr Alieta C. – PhD

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