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When I work out with Jazz in my training I feel in contact with my trainer. Jazz Alessi is an Elite London personal trainer, – expert nutritionist, Injury rehabilitation specialist and 2nd Generation Pilates...

When I work out with Jazz in my training I feel in contact with my trainer.  Jazz Alessi is an Elite London personal trainer, – expert nutritionist, Injury rehabilitation specialist and 2nd Generation Pilates teacher and I found that these services complemented each other very well, – this well rounded integrated approach was really helpful for my fitness levels and overall health maintenance.

He understands your body and he is very sensitive to training your body in a way that is appropriate for your body and in comparisons with other trainers I would say that’s his uniqueness.  Jazz Alessi’s personal training style is exceptionally well balanced and challenging while always keeping me safe. This approach supports the body’s physical ability to develop very fast – and most importantly safely.

Jazz provides you with personal training and focus from a very personal prospective, he understands how the body is built and how the muscles and the bones are all linked and work together and he understands how to get the best out of your body without risking any injuries.

He understands what you doing now, he understands your lifestyle, how you’re eating, how you are exercising or not, what you want to achieve, what you to aspire to achieve and when Jazz does these things he does them to a degree I never experienced before because everything Jazz does he wants to be the absolute best.

I had times where I wasn’t exercising and when I come to work with Jazz he understood how far he can push me so, – he challenges me to progress but he doesn’t challenge me to put me at risks. He is sensitive but not too sensitive, he maintains a balance of pushing you, being demanding, but keeping you safe so you don’t get injured.

Jazz’s personal training and nutritional approach has allowed me to feel fresh and reinvigorated – I felt like a new person after each training session.

When Jazz prepares a programme for you he is looking at your individual situation assessing everything like poor posture, poor habits, poor ways in carrying yourself and carrying your body and really giving you back everything that will enable you to take it to any limits,  – to run a marathon,  to learn a new sport and compete in athletic levels.

Jazz has done all these things and through his competing personal experience, coaching and professional support  you can achieve these things too.

He spent many years studying nutrition, I can tell you that Jazz’s nutrition recipes really do energise you.  The professional nutrition advice he provided me with after training now helps me stay strongly focussed, and to go about my business with a new clarity and intensity.

The other day, I made a salad for myself and my daughter, using his “Clean Food – Lean Bodies!” nutritional philosophy – and his magic super food ingredients. My son walked past, and said ‘can I have a bit? I like your salads because they make me feel so good and so healthy… and they are very nice too!’

Mission accomplished!!!

Energy-wise, I now recover very fast indeed. Jazz’s professional advice goes far beyond my personal  training sessions with him – he has positively impacted my family.

Jazz uses a cross training integrated approach containing body weight conditioning, Pilates, specialised stretching, weight training, gymnastic, yoga, TRX training, BOSU, high intensity training, and these careful blends have made so much difference to my fitness levels and my recovery!

Jazz Alessi is someone who likes to do everything to perfection and for his London personal training business he is always looking for the best so he can give people something special and this is the reason I recommend him unique expertise and integrated service offerings.

Jazz Alessi is personal in every sense and enabling  for achievement in every sense.  

Thanks so much for getting me in the best shape of my life, Jazz!

Christopher Mellor

26th  of  August  2014

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