Competing In CrossFit Is Not Just About Training, How Not To Be In The 70% Injured Category

There is no doubt about the fact that when you exercise with one of the best personal trainer in London this will help you to stay on the top of your game.

Personal training in London is widely used by high achievers and one to one exercise holds a number of great benefits for the human body, from improvements in your BMI, mood, strength, flexibility and general abilities to better overall health.

For many people, one of the hardest parts of getting started with a workout plan is knowing what type of exercises they should do.

With thousands of different publications providing details on the “best workout plan” and the most appropriate options for exercising to reach particular goals, each offering its own angle, it can be difficult to know which plan is truly the most effective.

CrossFit, originally founded in the year 2000, has become one of the most popular workout plans in the modern day.

Five years after its launch, CrossFit expanded to 13 affiliate gyms.

Today, this trademarked exercise routine has more than 7,000 affiliate gyms and continues to grow in popularity with an average of 166% per year1.

With the rising popularity, more people are becoming interested in competing in CrossFit, but we are all very different from each other.

Thus, without performing the right exercise form, knowing how to customise a training plan to your individualities, techniques and training approaches to making the most out of this workout plan, a person would risk serious injuries (including surgeries) and would not be able to achieve the maximum amount of benefits offered by CrossFit exercises.


CrossFit was founded by Greg Glassman in 2000 after he spent several years perfecting the ideal group of fitness programs into one powerful routine.

Glassman was a gymnast in his teenage years with a goal of becoming stronger.

This goal was achieved not through continuously practicing gymnastics, but rather by including a wide variety of physical activities into his routine.

From bicycling to working out in such a way to take advantage of his body’s own weight, Glassman was able to achieve his goals without the need for lifting heavy weights or ever signing up for a prescription at a gym as he started as a teenager training athlete.

The idea behind CrossFit is not to provide an improvement in a specific segment, such as running or heavyweights, but rather to provide an overall enhancement in all areas of fitness2.

These exercises have been designed to target all muscle groups and to deliver the benefits of both cardio and strength training, in one single fitness plan.

Additionally, CrossFit also provides improvements in speed, balance, agility, stamina, endurance, respiratory wellbeing, accuracy and coordination3.

These benefits are absolutely impressive.

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Even though millions of people already practice CrossFit, there is a common concern amongst the untrained regarding the potential risks that they may be exposed to.

CrossFit holds many benefits, but when these exercises are not done the right way, complications may develop.

Instead of thinking of these complications as side-effects that should be associated with CrossFit, individuals should rather consider them just obstacles – and obstacles can be overcome through the right strategies.

There are numerous obstacles that people are currently facing when it comes to CrossFit.

Let’s consider each of these obstacles, and look at how they could be overcome.

  • Most newcomers find that it is very difficult to find the right intensity level of CrossFit exercises.

Either they go at it too hard, which can lead to excessive muscle tearing and also more significant pain following their routine, or they do not exert an adequate level of intensity, which leads to less significant benefits obtained from these exercises.

It is best to start out slow and work upward – a person should rather start out with an intensity level that is too low, than start out with an intensity level that is too much for their body to handle.

When the exercises seem like they are not doing any good, the individual should push themselves a little more, until they can feel the exercises work.

  • Some people find it difficult to achieve the right speed and utilise the right weights for CrossFit exercises.

Newcomers should realise that this can take some time, and will likely take some experimenting to find the perfect combination.

It is best to start with smaller weight and increase the weights until their wear on the body can be felt, but without causing excessive strain.

With speed in mind, individuals are better off also starting out slow and increasing the speed at which they complete the sessions as they become more experienced.

  • CrossFit exercises themselves are not the only area of concern amongst individuals looking to get started with this trademarked fitness plan.

Competing in CrossFit is, in reality, not only about working hard in the studio – the secret to powerful performance lies within a person’s ability to recover fast and diet.

With optimal nutrition and the right timing of food intake, a person can experience a significant boost in their performance, while also maximising the benefits they achieve through the CrossFit exercises.

Since these exercises require quite a lot of exertion from each participant, it is best to provide the body with adequate levels of protein, minerals and carbohydrates prior to the activities (a pre-workout meal or shake).

Pre-workout nutritional intake may be one of the most important aspects when it comes to diet and CrossFit.

Good options for pre-workout nutrition include Coconut kefir, peanut butter and a banana on whole-wheat organic bread (toasted), as well as almonds4.

Post workout nutrition can also do wonders for assisting with the repairing of broken down muscle tissue.

Additionally, all important meals of the day should include healthier options, while leaving out unhealthy food choices.

Snacks like nuts and seeds protein-rich foods can also be helpful in maintaining healthy energy levels throughout the day, even after a strenuous CrossFit session.

  • Inappropriate intensity: one of the CrossFit goal is to perform as many repetitions within a certain amount of time. It is very difficult to train gradually since CrossFitters will be inappropriately supervised.

This type of CrossFit goal will not only compromise their exercise form, and undoubtly will be leading to injuries.

A sustained CrossFit high intensity could also literally cause the CrossFitter’s cells to explode.

This process will be leaching a very high amount of toxic byproducts, and in high quantities into the blood stream causing a very serious condition which is called rhabdomyolysis and unfortunately it is encountered quite often in CrossFit, a condition potentially leading to death.

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CrossFit Training Injury Data and CrossFit Injury Risks

Are there any chances to get injured if you are training during your CrossFit classes?

Well, CrossFit is notorious for inappropriate supervision.

The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research shows that 73.5 % of people training using CrossFit method are sustaining injuries5.

If you care about your joints, muscles and health you will admit this is a massive risk to take.

It gets even worse.

In 9% of the injured people these are very severe and require surgery.

Just think about an knee injury risk, and the needs to go through a knee rehabilitation programme whether, this would be an ACL rehabPCL or even a meniscus injury rehabilitation process.

But, also let me say this loud and clear.

This training method provides excellent benefits when CrossFit exercises are performed using an impeccable form, progressive addaptation and correct intensity, are strategised correctly, use appropriate planning for the client goals and are completed under a personal trainer’s supervision.


In a class format unfortunately the official statistics show that CrossFit workouts are carrying a very high risk of injuries which are very similar in percentages with injuries in gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting or powerlifting.


CrossFit has become one of the most widely practiced exercise routines, providing a complete workout for an individual’s body, without the need for extensive cardio exercises or having to undergo hours of training in the gym on a daily basis.

Even though popular and very useful, CrossFit bears numerous challenges for newcomers and the inexperienced.

Jazz Alessi, one of the best personal trainer in London know how to overcome these obstacles through implementing the right type of CrossFit exercises into a customised routine, and ensuring optimal exercise form to avoiding injuries, providing appropriate programming and a nutrition diet plan to provide your body with correct nutrition at the right times.

Jazz Alessi customised CrossFit personal training in London provide a significant boost in performance, while minimising all injury risks and health complications.

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