Lose One Stone

Millions of people struggle with the dreadful complications of obesity daily. Having too much fat accumulated in the body causes many unpleasant effects on a person’s physical wellbeing, and may also affect their mental health as well. From a higher risk of developing diabetes and heart disease, to being more likely to develop depression due to the poor self-confidence that are often a complication of excessive weight.

Unfortunately, Britain has recently been named “the fat man of Europe” due to the large prevalence of obesity in the country. According to NHS Choices1, the prevalence of obesity is estimated to be more than 50% by the year 2050 when the current growth rate is taken into account.

At the moment, approximately 24.9% of people in the United Kingdom is considered obese.

Obesity does not only contribute to poor health, but can also make certain milestones in life more unpleasant.

For example, when a person is about to get married, they may look poorly upon themselves when it comes to their body image.

They might be afraid that they would not be able to look good on their special day.

A celebrity about to walk the red carpet might feel self-conscious about weight she had put on recently; thus they may not feel confident about walking on the red carpet.

In some cases, obesity may also make certain types of surgeries more difficult.

Thus, weight loss would be required to make it easier for the surgeons to reach the right places and for obesity not to get in the way of a successful surgery.

Excellent examples of cases where weight loss may be a good option for making surgery easier would be when a patient has to undergo a hernia repair surgery or prior to joint replacement surgery.

Should surgery be done to remove cancerous tumours, weight loss in an obese person might also make it easier for surgeons to reach the locations of the tumours.

The Primary Goal: To Lose One Stone

When weight loss is desired, for whatever reason, the first step to a more rewarding and potentially successful plan is to start out with a primary goal – something that is both realistic and achievable.

To lose one stone, for example, is an excellent primary goal to set by any person looking to lose weight – this is an appropriate amount of weight that can be lost in a relatively short period of time.

It is also good for starting out a journey to a healthy weight for an obese person, or it can serve as a good amount of weight loss for someone looking to have a slimmer body by their wedding day, or perhaps on the day of their graduation.

A report published on The Guardian2 explains that new evidence suggests that even smaller amounts of weight loss seem to have a considerable positive impact on an obese person’s health, with noticeable improvements in their liver’s ability to control insulin.

These benefits also extended toward other areas of the wellbeing of these persons.

For example, the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers were considerably reduced with as little as 5% weight loss.

This is what Emma an very inspiration international marathon runner says after working with Jazz:

“I lost over 14 pounds of fat and I increased my lean body mass. The results are seen quickly and they last, helped by this nutrition work, which is key to keeping the body that you have worked so hard to get! Jazz has expert unique nutritional knowledge, and unmatched experience, which can help any client.”

– Emma Choli – International marathon runner

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To lose one stone in a safe, yet timely manner, a customised nutritional plan is often needed to ensure weight gain can be prevented and weight loss is possible.

These nutrition customisations are important due to the some of the following factors:

  • Customised nutrition helps to ensure nutritional deficiencies that exist in a person can be addressed successfully by including the nutrients they are currently lacking.
  • In cases where the body is unable to properly process glucose.

This can contribute to the development of insulin resistance, which is the first step to type 2 diabetes.

A customised nutrition plan helps to minimise the consumption of foods that contain glucose or may cause further problems.

  • Food allergies and intolerances, such as intolerances to dairy products or to food additives4, can play a major part in causing a person to experience adverse effects while on a diet, but a customised plan helps to avoid these by excluding foods that a person has such a reaction to.
  • People with heart-related issues may require special types of foods that can provide them with improvements in heart health and protect the heart5.
  • Sex-related issues are quite common amongst obese individuals, but a customised nutrition plan cannot only help a person reach their weight loss goals, but also help them restore their optimum function in the bedroom.
  • A customised nutrition plan can also help people with joint pain and inflammation overcome these problems by including foods that will both help them lose weight and assist with fighting against inflammation.
  • High cholesterol levels are associated with a higher risk of having a stroke or heart attack6; thus people with high cholesterol levels would require a diet specifically tailored to their needs to lower their cholesterol levels.
  • Deficiencies of certain hormones in the body, such as testosterone and estrogen, has been associated with obesity and inadequate amounts of exercise.

In such a case, a weight loss and nutrition plan should be designed in such a way to benefit a person’s hormone production and bring their hormones in better balance.

  • Restricted blood flow can cause many problems in both men and women, including hypertension, heart disease, kidney damage and more.

Obesity is known to contribute to reduced efficiency of the blood circulatory system.

When blood flow is restricted, specific types of exercises would be required, along with a diet that supports healthier blood flow.

And these are only just a few things Jazz will take into consideration when you will nutritionally consult and be trained by him.

This is what Beverley had to say after working with Jazz:

“I’m about two stone lighter now than I was when we first met. Not focusing on weight but rather enjoying personalised diet food plan containing beautiful foods and smart nutrition designed just for me, I have been able to lose weight without focusing on it.”

– Beverley S –

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Many other factors also help to determine what a person would require to help them reach their weight loss goals.

Ultimately, it is important to consider all factors related to a specific individual to customise their program in such a way to provide them with a personalised approach to both fitness and better health.

Reduce Your Calorie Intake with A Balanced Diet Plan

When a person’s daily calorie intake exceeds their calorie exertion, it means they are gaining weight; thus leading to obesity – in case of obesity already existing, then the person is at a risk of becoming morbidly obese.

For effective weight loss, daily calorie intake should never exceed daily calorie exertion – when this goal is reached, then the person is losing weight.

Of course this is just a simplistic generalisation since we are all different thus, there are many other aspects which must be fully taken into consideration like imbalanced hormones etc, hence I proceed with the finest cusomisation of your weight loss goals throughout the whole programme.

A customised diet plan is recommended for effective weight loss, but the first step to designing such a plan starts with determining the current daily calorie exertion of a person and to compare this data to the current daily calorie intake of the person.

Calorie exertion can be affected by numerous factors7, including:

  • Age – Age has an effect on how many calories a person burns during physical activity.

As the body ages, muscle mass starts to reduce and the body’s metabolism also starts to slow down.

This can, in turn, affect the body’s ability to burn calories.

  • Gender – The gender of a person trying to lose weight also affects how many calories they can burn during exercise.

The male body often contains a large concentration of lean muscle mass and a lower body fat percentage, which means they burn calories faster when they participate in physical activity as compared to the female body.

  • Weight loss for women – The female body is different from the male body in many ways; thus a customised weight loss plan can help improve the efficiency when customised particularly for a woman.

Since men tend to lose weight easier than women, a customised plan for a woman may require special restrictions on certain foods that a man’s diet may not necessarily require.

It should also be taken into consideration that hormones in the female body is different from hormones in the male body.

A diet plan for a woman needs to be customised to assist with improving oestrogen production, while limiting cortisol release.

Since leptin rises and ghrelin decreases in women after exercises, a diet plan for a woman should also include foods that are more likely to make her feel full for longer.

  • Weight loss for men – Similar to how a woman would require a specialised diet plan for effective calorie restriction and weight loss, a man can also benefit from a customised nutrition plan.

While oestrogen levels should be attended to in women, men should rather focus on testosterone; thus foods that may stimulate testosterone product should be utilised.

Men also usually want to build larger muscle mass than woman – this means a man should consume more foods in his diet plan that will help to increase lean muscle mass while also reducing body fat.

  • Type Of Exercise – The type of physical activity a person participates in also affects the efficiency of their training routine and how much calories they burn during a session.

Cardio exercises tend to hold more short-term benefits for burning calories, while strength training routines rather offer longer-term benefits.

Certain types of exercises like Pilates, yoga and tai chi can activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which helps to strengthen the nervous system in such a way to improve recovery from exercise in patients who have difficulty in muscle recovery.

The sympathetic nervous system is known to activate the parasympathetic nervous system.

Prolonged activity of the sympathetic nervous system has been associated with adverse effects in the body, but the right types of exercises helps to reduce the activity of this system, which reduces the risks of excessive activity in this system on the body.

  • Current Weight – Another factor that should be considered in determining how many calories can be burned per day by a person is their current bodyweight.

It has been found that a higher bodyweight also equals more calories burnt during a training session as compared to a lower bodyweight.

There is much more but, this snapshot will provide you with a better idea about what your comprehensive lose one stone package will take into consideration when you work with Jazz.

“I recommend Jazz and his work very strongly, – he is by far the best nutritionist I have ever met. It was really great to consult one-on-one with a long term very experienced and professional nutritionist, who is really ahead of his time. “

– Silvana  Jivkova – 

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When a nutritional plan is customised to the needs of a particular individual, many factors should be considered important for such a plan to be effective.

While calorie intake to be lower than calorie exertion need to be an essential part of an effective nutritional plan, it is important to note that not all calories are the same.

Thus, Jazz takes many aspects into consideration when he is designing your customised and effective weight loss plan:

  • The amount of sugar a person consumed daily needs to be reduced, replaced and eliminated from a person’s nutrition healthy diet plan.

Numerous studies, such as one published by the University of

Reading8, have found a strong relation between high sugar intake and obesity.

  • Alcoholic beverages are often high in calories, but do not provide any important nutrients for the body.

This means that drinking alcohol means a person is consuming “empty calories”.

Since alcohol is linked to weight gain9, restricting alcohol intake as much as possible is also important.

  • While processed foods might seem like they make cooking a lot easier, they can be extremely harmful to the human body and also lead to weight gain10.

Swapping out processed foods with whole-foods in a customised diet plan is important for effective weight loss.

  • Sugary drinks are often considered to be some of the most harmful foods that exist.

They also contribute to excessive weight gain.

A customised nutritional diet needs to ensure adequate hydration is provided while avoiding any beverages that are high in sugar.

It should be noted with such a step that grocery store fruit juices are often just as high in sugar as a regular soda11.

  • Take-outs might seem like the world’s most convenient way to prepare dinner for the entire family, but these foods are often extremely rich in unhealthy ingredients.

This can have a detrimental effect on a person’s bodyweight.

There are a lot of healthy meals I will advice you to pick up or that can be prepared in just a few minutes – often as much time it would take a person to dish up the take-outs; thus providing a healthier way to treat the family.

  • Millions of people eat some types of sweets every day.

A table spoon of honey in your yea or a chocolate here and a candy bar there does not seem to have a significant impact in the moment, but frequently following such habits exposes a person to refined sugars and other fattening (and poor) ingredients.

Sweets can be swapped with alternative choices thus, I will advise you how to eat from the best healthy sweet treats.

What We Think We Do  vs  Reality Check 

Once I’ve had a client who told me right at the beginning of the consultation that his nutrition is quite balanced, and he need just a few tweaks.

When I calculated his total direct sugar intake coming from processed sugary sources (not fruits, rice, and legumes etc.) we were both shocked.

He consumed a minimum of 10.3 LB of processed sugar each month (in the last year).

This is a staggering 4.7 Kg of pure sugar or just over 10 table spoons of sugar each day. He wasn’t consuming any direct sugar intakes (he was very proud to mention this) but, he was eating some processed foods containing sugar.

He also had a daily total intake of saturated fat in between 150 – 270g, and a lot of this heart risk was coming from chocolate, muffins and biscuits.

He didn’t have any energy left to go through the day, he was feeling tired all the time and quite awful – no wonder he decided to came to see me.

I am not saying this happens with everyone but, often we just can’t see the whole picture.

“I have lost 1/2 stone in just two weeks! Previous to meeting Jazz I was eating out of habit and social conditioning!!!! With Jazz’s expert advice my body is able to support me more in all ways now that I’m listening to it and giving it what it needs. Jazz also has an infectious passion for immunity boosting exercises, nutrition and healthy living!”

– Mark P – Master NLP Expert Practitioner

Results Happen Over Time, Not Overnight – Expert Knowledge, and One To One Support Helps You Becoming Consistent

A lot of people who are looking to lose one stone as their primary weight loss goal may expect results to become apparent rather quickly, but it is important to note that results may take some time to become noticeable.

It will also take some hard work and quite a lot of dedication, but with adequate support, all of this may seem like a breeze.

Faster weight loss is sometimes promised by certain diet plans, but these often require excessive calorie restriction, which may cause numerous health-related issues.

Both a physical exercise routine and a diet has to be customised in such a way that they complement each other in order for a person’s weight loss goals to be reachable without any potential health problems arising.

When it comes to the physical exercise plan that needs to be implemented, different factors about the individual trying to lose weight need to be considered, such as:

  • Age – Age plays a role in determining the type of exercises that a person should include in their customised physical training program.

Older individuals may not be able to exert the same amount of effort as opposed to a younger individual.

This is often due to the fact that older people tend to have bones that are more brittle and their muscle mass are also usually lower in older people.

  • Gender – The gender of a person also affects the type of exercise routine they will participate in to complement their customised nutrition plan.

A combination of both cardio and strength training options are usually utilised.

Men often participate in more intense strength training programs to help them build larger muscle mass, while women often opt for more cardio to help them achieve an “hourglass figure”.

  • Current Health – The current status of health needs to be considered before determining what exercises a person can participate in.

A person with osteoarthritis may not be able to perform the same exercises as a person who is healthy and requires intense exercises to build more lean muscle mass.

Other examples of how existing health problems may affect the exercise routine required for optimum results would be when a person has heart problems, when they have a reduced level of muscle mass or when they suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.

Similarly, some people may require less strenuous activities due to the effects that exercise may have on other parts of their bodies that might be adversely affected by a medical condition.

  • Goals – Each person has a different “perfect body image” in mind, and to achieve such a goal, a personalised diet and fitness plan needs to be followed for the most appropriately and timely benefits.

Thus, the preferences and goals of a particular individual should be taken into account when a program is customised to help them achieve the body they wish to possess.


“I lost over 11LB of fat! I’m much fitter and I`m so much leaner. I`ve noticed a major and positive difference in my body shape and my muscle tone. I achieved everything what I wanted and I went beyond my goals.”

Alesia – Fashion Designer 

Choosing the right Weight Loss package – Personal Training is the way to go!

With the fact in mind that a diet plan for weight loss requires a lot of customisation to be truly effective, a person may become unmotivated when they discover the hard work that is often required to compile such a custom plan for themselves.

They would have to exert quite a lot of effort and have a lot of time on their hands if they wish to design a diet plan, combined with an exercise plan, to help them reach their goals.

For these reasons, a personal trainer for weight loss, fitness and better wellbeing may often be the more appropriate choice when it comes to implementing a customised weight loss plan – whether it is to lose one stone or half of a person’s bodyweight due to extreme obesity.

An elite personal trainer in London can be utilised to offer a weight loss diet plan for men, as well as a weight loss diet plan for women – each of these will be dealt with differently since the requirements of each would be different from the other.

Not only will the gender be considered, but also the other factors that have been discussed.

The start of an effective weight loss program to lose one stone would not only be to provide the client with the best detox for weight loss, which will help to detoxify the body and help the client get ready for their weight loss journey, but also to provide the client with the knowledge that is needed to make smarter decisions when it comes to nutrition and food.

An exercise plan also needs to be provided in such a way that it has been fully customised toward the fitness and weight loss goals of the client.

“Can anyone afford to be average, overweight or obese today? It is your life, if you’re looking to get average results, choose any old trainer. If you want to workout with who I believe is the best Elite Personal Trainer in London and Nutritionist in the UK, and get sustainable weight loss results contact Jazz Alessi.”

– Tonny A. – TV and Media Producer 

The Lose One Stone package includes a number of beneficial services, such as:

  • 12 Sessions with an elite personal trainer that enables one-on-one coaching to help the client overcome their most difficult challenges regarding their weight loss efforts.
  • A fitness programme that has been customised toward the needs of the client, whether they prefer to work out at the gym or at home, added as a FREE bonus.
  • A comprehensive nutrition consultation, along with an Advanced Lifestyle Assessment, ensures the client is provided with a nutritional plan that is focused on what their body needs to lose one stone and become healthier in the process.

After an initial consultation, a client is provided with a mini nutritional programme that offers them an overview of the most important meals they should eat every day, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Different options will be given to ensure they have a variety to choose from.

Customised recipes for juices and smoothies are also provided to the customer to help them keep their nutrition levels high and to keep them from choosing unhealthy snack options.

Each client also leaves with inspiration and motivation to get started on their journey to a healthier body.

During the initial session, education regarding nutrition is also offered to the client, which helps them make better decisions when choosing what foods to eat and which to avoid.

All of the data provided during the initial session can immediately be put to work.

  • Within 48 hours following an initial consultation, a client receives a complete nutrition and lifestyle programme that has been customised to their unique requirements through email.
  • Clients who suffer from certain health problems, such as knee injuries, back pain, breathing problems or muscular-skeletal problems, are also provided Pilates personal training and other effective non-impact training choices.

Pilates training including finely customised Pilates exercises is also offered to those clients who wish to correct their posture, boost their energy and feel better.

  • As a FREE bonus, a Pilates personal training programme that has been customised to the requirements of the client is also provided.
  • As a FREE bonus, a Personal training programme that has been customised to the requirements of the client is also provided.
  • Telephonic support is available to all clients during social hours.
  • Coaching is also provided throughout the entire course of the program.

Police officer T.W. used Jazz’s personalised fitness and weight loss service and this is what he had to say:

I lost over 16 pounds of fat and, while I tremendously increased my muscle mass. On a scale from 1 to 10 his nutritional knowledge is a 10. Jazz’s customised nutrition diet plan, benefits based nutritional philosophy and individualised recipes have given me a new lease of life. If you are busy like me he will come and provides his five star nutrition services right at your location.

– T.W – Police Officer –



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About Jazz Alessi – Your Weight Loss London Specialist

Jazz Alessi is your elite personal trainer, clinical nutritionist, fat loss expert and injury rehabilitation specialist that will take you step-by-step through the Lose One Stone programme.

He has provided his professional London personal training services to a countless number of A list of celebrities.

Jazz supported clients over the past 20 years, ranging from individuals who required the services of an elite personal trainer in London to help them overcome problematic areas with their bodies.

He also work with clients with various types of knee injuries, or muscle and lower back pain, sciatica or clients who urgently needed to lose weight fast and safe in order to reduce their risk of developing potentially life-threatening complications due to their excessive bodyweight.

Jazz is very experienced in providing numerous personalised services to his clients that tackles every aspects of successful weight loss, giving you the ability to experience successful weight loss, while also providing benefits that extend to other areas of your overall wellbeing, such as particular diseases or disorders you may be suffering from.

He also teams up perfectly with your medical doctor!

Jazz offers a variety of elite personal training in London, as well as Pilates training, professional nutrition services, body detoxification consultations and injury rehabilitation; thus making him a one-stop solution to helping you overcome common problems related to weight, exercise, nutrition and your body.

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