Dietary Analysis and Nutrients Intakes

The aim of a dietary analysis is to analyse and measure your usual total nutrient intake.

We will look into your diet history and eating patterns, weight loss goals, how to put on weight healthily and provide you with the best solutions – and a step-by-step action plan to help you achieve your goals and targets.

Scientific Dietary Analysis

The dietary analysis helps me to establish your actual nutrient intake, calculating the interaction of the nutrients and their metabolic short and long-term effects.

Together with the nutritional consultation, the 2-5 days of dietary analysis provides me with the information I need to design your personalised nutrition program, step by step.

Whether you want to perform better in your chosen field, put on weight the healthy way, lose weight naturally and eliminate tiredness and fatigue, or whether you want soaring energy levels and optimised mental focus, a scientific dietary analysis and a nutritional consultation will identify your challenges, weaknesses and strengths, helping you achieve your targets and goals.

A dietary analysis scientifically assesses your meal patterns and the short/long-term nutrition balance required to reach your goals.

It identifies the energy and nutrient intake, the levels of specific food groups and consumption levels, and provides you with a clear picture.

With solutions which help you take your diet plans, weight-loss, how to put on weight healthily, peak performance and mental focus to the next level via high performance with effective nutritional solutions.

How your dietary analysis and a scientific nutrition programme supports your body:

✓   Fast and safe natural weight loss, to support your optimum hormonal balance, transform your body appearance with a much youthful appearance ✓

✓   Optimum natural vitamins and minerals from natural foods and daily value intake of individualised intakes of amino acids (protein), different classes of carbohydrates, phytonutrients, enzymes, fibre and fats are scientifically analysed, according to your targets, goals agreed and metabolic needs. ✓

✓   Put on weight the Healthy Way – you might have an injury, or find very dificult to put on weight. I will personalise everything so, you will  effectively add more muscle, pounds, kilos and stones to you current body frame. ✓

✓   Specific foods and nutrients to assess your challenges and the targets and goals required to address your metabolism and increase energy levels ✓

✓   A Step by Step Nutrition Action Plan to increase physical performance and re-build your optimum health

✓   Faster Recovery rates after your intensive personal training sessions, gym or hospital surgery (Jazz can also work alongside or directly with your medical doctor) ✓

   Unique and measurable benefits regarding weight lossenergy levels and health status empowering your physical performance, mental focus and optimum health ✓

✓   Unique and bespoke natural nutrition approach and nutrition programmes tailored to your challenges and goals ✓

✓   A unique and natural nutrition food coaching philosophy practical approach so, you can follow it easily and go beyond achieving your goals ✓

✓ Tailored nutrition plans and nutrition programmes to match your age, body metabolism, type and gender, activities and oxidative stress level, targets and individual goals ✓

All our body cells require a balanced, healthy and high quality dietary nutrient intake, selected from specific foods to enhance our internal cleansing mechanisms and natural detox, cellular maintenance, and to guarantee optimum growth.

Our body weight, mental focus, wellbeing and overall performance are directly conditioned by the quality of the nutrients we put in our body.

Here is exactly where the nutrition science will help and make all the difference to your body.

Bespoke nutrition ensures that you achieve your goals, providing exactly what your body needs.

To help you put on weight healthily or achieve your weight-loss goals, cleanse your body, increase performance, improve health and reach your nutritional targets, no stone will be left unturned.

I’ll use comprehensive assessments of usual intake, 24-hour nutrition recall, lists of foods and food group categories, and body measurements when necessary; as well as other original and unique techniques to help you achieve your goals.

Successful nutrition should always be tailored to your metabolism, oxidative stress level, chosen type of activities, individualities, genetic predispositions and goals.

It aims to restore a possibly broken equilibrium in the nutrient supply needed for any given individual’s level of health.

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If you’re a professional athlete, then you’ll know that bespoke nutrition with a high performance diet is the foundation of your success.

It will increase your athletic performance, mental focus and athletic growth.

I will support you all the way with the most versatile tools to improve your recovery and accelerate growth.

I will make a huge difference for you.

Besides athletes, I advise doctors, professional models, actors and actresses, police officers, A-list celebrities, CEOs and business executives who need to manage high levels of stress.

For celebrities, CEOs and executives I provide bespoke nutrition programmes and one-to-one personal training, with unique integrated health support weight loss and teach them how to put on weight healthily.

Through a bespoke nutrient intake, a scientific dietary assessment, dietary analysis and a comprehensive nutrition-consultation I ensure that my clients burst with energy throughout the day.

They will be physically fit and nutritionally enhanced, giving them confidence and increased focus.

Such choices ensure that they stay ahead of the competition by being faster and sharper.

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Chemicals, pollution and negative emotions are anti-nutrients

Pollutants, anti-nutrients found in food, chemicals, contaminants, household cleaning and beauty products [which bypass the normal digestion protective sequence] and toxins all compromise the levels of our nutrients and, together with a lack of nutrients in food and acquired nutritional deficiencies, affect our energy levels and hormonal balance, creating fatigue and tiredness.

Negative emotions, problems in relationships, cortisone secretion increase and constant adrenaline releases rob us of nutrients, and could further consume nutrients from our reserves, accelerating body exhaustion and increasing the long list of hormone disruptors – all dangerous to human health.

Our immunity, mood and energy level require adequate levels of good bacteria in our gut.

A natural, scientific nutritional intake tailored to boost your immunity, delivered directly to our cells, will help them to flourish, achieving detoxification and helping to cleanse your body.

When our adrenaline levels run high, sugar, in its many forms, often makes up for a large part of our nutrition.

We are breaking the hormonal balance and helping to lower immunity, feeding fungus and candida to grow.

This way, our hormonal profile may change, and our energy level will drop.

Weight may increase and tiredness and fatigue may set in.

All this will devastate our physical performance, mental focus and optimum health.

These combined factors could compromise and affect our mental capacity, intellectual abilities and focus, as well as our brain function and long-term health.

A precise, scientific dietary analysis, carried out over 3, 5 or 7 days, will identify your specific needs and provide you with tailored solutions that your body needs to operate at its best.

Good nutrition, with balanced nutrient intake, will boost your health and improve digestion and nutrient assimilation, increasing your energy levels and wellbeing.

This will also get rid of bloating and constipation, accelerating toxin elimination.

Enzymes, hormones and other important substances are produced by raw nutrients when we supply the specific intake required by our cells.

When our body gets rid of waste through a healthy detox plan, including metabolic toxins which interfere with our internal chemistry, we feel clearer and more focussed.

dietary analysis and nutrition consultation will take your health history into account and your goals, while assessing your body’s performance and needs.

This will help you lose weight fast or teach you how to put on weight healthily so, you will feel, look and perform at your best.

As a nutritionist and nutritional educator, I will teach you how to supply your body’s needs with the required nutrient intake, containing bespoke amounts of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, phytochemicals and macro nutrients.

This allows your body to activate its own internal healing mechanisms, recover more quickly, increase energy levels and always perform at its best.

You Can Do Better and Perform At Your Best

What service/s do you require?

  • Nutritional Dietary Analysis – Achieve Nutritional balance
  • Comprehensive Lifestyle and Advanced Nutrition Consultation
  • 100% Fast and Safe Sustainable Natural Weight Loss 
  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass Naturally and Learn How To Put On Weight Healthily 
  • Comprehensive Nutritional Support, Nutritional Coaching and The Best London Personal Training Services.

All nutrition work is perfectly tailored to your body type, body-metabolism, gender, level of activity, weaknesses strength and challenges, targets and individual goals.

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