Celebrities Training

Celebrities Workout

The London Personal Training Celebrity Workout Experience fuses a unique, holistic and integrated approach into ONE Strong, Fit, Toned and Flexible body

It helps you to lose weight fast and healthily, get toned and fit, build muscle and increase physical performance. It also corrects postural imbalance, improving body alignment, stabilising the torso, protecting the skeleton and joints and optimises health.

It takes you through different levels of progression. It allows you to use neuromuscular training and expertly guided core stabilisation techniques, open and closed kinetic chain movements, isolated exercises, the unique body conditioning approach and/or multi-planar flexibility training.

THIS Personal Training Celebrity Workout Experience blends the best hard-core body-conditioning exercises with postural movements and health-optimising corrective exercises, for great posture and lean muscle – all via an integrated training stabilisation philosophy and comprehensive exercise approach.

The Personal Training Celebrity Workout Experience uses bio-mechanically correct movements and selected exercises from different fitness systems, combining their various benefits in one, tailored, body weight exercise and body conditioning system – including dynamic Pilates and Gymnastics, Yoga and Martial arts, Kettlebells and elastic bands, and more.

The Personal Training Celebrity Workout Experience gives you immediate access to a unique system, approach and exercise philosophy for transforming unwanted weight into a lean, strong, flexible body; building a superb physique and attractive poise.


It was specially designed to reduce stress and anxiety, making you feel better, look better and perform better, both physically and intellectually.

With my approach, all this is doable.

Poor food choices, stress, lack of exercise and ageing reduce our hormone levels. As hormones shift and become unbalanced, losing weight, maintaining muscle and losing weight may all get harder. A bespoke exercise programme can produce the effects required to optimise our hormonal balance, bodily functions and health, helping us achieve our desired weight.

A tailored exercise programme stimulates endorphin production efficiently – our happy chemicals. This tailored approach also triggers the growth factors essential for the brain and for boosting neural activity, which helps neurons live longer. Such gains may even help delay the onset of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia symptoms.

This approach, together with expert knowledge of exercise immunology, nutrition and other techniques, allows for body transformation.

Sedentary time should be defined as the duration of muscular inactivity, rather than the absence of exercise. As you can see the expression “sedentary” has misleadingly been used as a synonym for not exercising.

“We need to think more about what we do with the 15 hours of non-exercise wake time, when we sit down. Special exercises are required for the body to clear blood glucose and blood fats from the blood stream.”

~ Professor David Dunstan ~ Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute

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The Celebrity Workout could change your life.

But with such varied exercise choices, things could get confusing.

Small wonder that Nichole Kidman, Meg Ryan, Hugh Grant, Michelle Pfeiffer, David Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Jake Gyllenhaal, Madonna, George Michel and Elizabeth Hurley are just a few of the celebrities who cut through the cluttered rival approaches, and train with a professional personal trainer and a single tailored program.

The Personal Training Celebrity Workout Experience empowers you. It gives you the best nutritional advice, diet plans and food selection. Plus, practical, hands on food coaching, so you can start making the difference your body needs.


London Personal Training – The Ultimate Celebrity Workout Experience!

 Do you want all this?

1.   A toned, healthier body
2.   Being firmer and fitter
3.   Nutritional advice and meal/diet plans
4.   Modified / Tailored workouts
5.   Increased lean muscle mass
6.   Improved tall, sexy posture
7.   Guaranteed weight loss where required, from 15 -25 lb on average
8.   Healthy weight loss programs
9.   Healthily gained weight
10. Increased confidence
11. Increased strength
12. Increased flexibility
13. Increased energy levels

14. Better mood, better sleep
15. Increased mental focus and intellectual abilities
16. Increased physical abilities
17. Learning how to boost your body’s alkalinity in minutes
18. Learning what to do for plentiful, healthy energy and maximum, day-long vitality
19. Metabolic food profiling; learning what foods serve your body best [skills for life]
20. Practical food preparation lessons
21. Being guided through a specialised, tailored exercise programme by a personal training master, exercise specialist, weight loss personal trainer, and a second generation Pilates Teacher, Martial Arts master and nutritionist
22. Weekly weight monitoring and one to one phone, email and direct support

Who’s this for?

It’s a very comprehensive package, giving a unique opportunity for complete body-mind connection, perfect for…

1. Those who want to get lean, fit, toned and healthy
2. Models, actors, musicians or performers seeking optimum health
3. Those who exercise and are genuinely interested in their health. This will give you an edge over users of other exercise systems, making you much stronger, more flexible and leaner
4. Businessmen and women: this training opportunity boosts you both physically and intellectually
5. IT and office workers: this programme could change your life.
6. Those who don’t exercise. This exercise opportunity gives you the tools your body requires to protect itself and help you build optimum health.
7. Those with higher LDL-bad cholesterol: this personal training small group programme specially targets this problem too.
8. A mum who wants to look great while recovering from pregnancy [minimum 3 months after giving birth]
9. Those with insulin sensitivity. This programme increases insulin sensitivity, helping you to get more glucose from the blood stream into your cells.
10. Those who might be experiencing some postural misalignment, but are not in a pathological state, and are fully functional. The celebrity workout hugely improves your posture
11. Those who seek the safest training strategy, without expensive equipment, for their own, long-term success.
12. Those who don’t want to break the bank for the comprehensive Personal Training Master Foundation Coaching and One to One Mentoring program, but instead want to try before they buy.
13. Those who want to boost brain activity, intellectual focus and neural activity. Special exercise strategies are included specifically for this.
14. Anyone for whom health is important to minimise risks of cancer, diabetes and other dangerous diseases

Personal Training Celebrity Workout Experience improves your endurance, flexibility, body composition and posture – and increases your body strength. It counteracts damage from inactivity, reducing the risk of cancer and many other diseases.

It blends body conditioning and gymnastic exercises, breathing techniques, effective postural correction exercises and movements, from Pilates and Yoga to other systems – together with exercises tailored to your goals.

The Personal Training Celebrity Workout Experience empowers you with the specific exercises required, nutritional advice and diet plans, while giving you food coaching to start making the difference your body needs today.


Every piece of nutrition advice, every exercise you do and every coaching session in this programme is optimised for you.

This programme includes all the service support you require, such as nutrition and exercise support, coaching and extra motivation. It represents my commitment to help you achieve your goals.

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I will get back to you in less than 24 hours.

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