3-14 days natural detox

The 3 day detox, 7 day detox plan – 14 day Natural Detox Diet Plan  – You chose what suits you and, I deliver!

Choose a number of detox cleansing days to suit your current lifestyle and your goals.

  • Do you want to lose weight fast (and safe!) ?
  • Do you want to learn how to detox your body ?
  • Do you want to use the best and most effective juice detox diet programme ?
  • Do you want to learn how make detox drinks and use the best juice detox for your own body individualities?

Yes? Then,  CONTACT US THROUGH THIS LINK and we”ll get back to you. We will work together as a close team and proceed by creating for your body a very effective and personalised detox plan.

Why generalised nutrition and detox plans people find on the internet do not work 

Why generalised nutrition and detox plans people find on the internet do not work

I know…I know… perhaps you or may be someone you heard about or know bought a detox programme over the internet and the results were mixed.

If this is the case please read on to understand why generalised detox plans sold the on internet will only work in a very small percentage of people.

This is because…

We know that one size fits all does not work for everyone and the only successful detox diet plan and nutrition programme is a nutrition and detox plan specifically designed for your:

  • Age,
  • Metabolism,
  • Body type
  • Activity level,
  • Sensitivities,
  • Gender,
  • Targets,
  • Goals
  • Oxidative stress level
  • Personal or health challenges

This is the reason I created this special programme.

Juice Cleansing could speed up your body detoxification or…

…increase carcinogenesis

To produce bile and enzymes allowing the body to detox, the liver needs a tailored and constant supply of minerals, vitamins and proteins.

  • Do you get the necessary nutrients to maximise  your detox plan and time while yes, you are still juice cleansing?
  • Did you know that without using a balanced juice cleanse detoxification recipe the liver cells will simply  “shut down”?
  • Do you know that an imbalanced detoxification plan will increase carcinogenesis

YES, an imbalanced detoxification process increases your cancer risks!

Lots of toxins are fat soluble and are stored in the fat cells.

The right juice cleanses combination and exercise choices will push your body to create energy by burning the fat deposits.

When cells burn fat releasing energy they will also release the stored toxins which could affect  any type of cells into your body including the brain cells and nerves therefore producing irreversible damage.

If juice fasting or detoxification isn’t done under supervision it could become quite dangerous.

• Juice and give your body a break but let me design something tailored to your body so you’ll achieve amazing results without putting yourself at any risk.

We can work together – so, you will learn important skills you will be able to maintain for life.

Your  Personalised Juice cleanse Detoxification Programme Will Work  Wonders Since Everything is Individualised 

This service recommends an individualised approach which works for you and for your body-metabolism, body-type, activity-level, oxidative-stress and individualised goals etc.

This professional detoxification programme requires completing a comprehensive assessment (it takes about 1  1/2h) in a one-to-one setting or at the comfort of your home to establish what your individual needs are and what is the best natural approach you need to use to create your own success !

The unique natural foods, herbs, nutrients and natural juice combination used in this programme are tailored to yourmetabolism, body type, individualities and personal goals, and will reduce cellular toxicity, naturally helping yougrow and glow!

This product has been designed with one, single purpose: to provide you with not just some benefit – but withmaximum benefit: feel amazing, bouncing with energy, as part of a  single, super-fast, safe, natural detox!

This is what we can do!

If this is something you want, you’re in the right place.

This natural, cleansing, detox approach has everything you could need.

It is powerful, infallible and unique!

My cleanse diet plan gives you the food science of how to cleanse your body using balanced and very conveninet to make detox drinks.

I provide you with all the extra information required to feel confident and safe: everything you need to marry cutting edge nutritional science with nutritional practicalities; and the special techniques essential for fast, safe, natural detox.

I formulate the nutrition so as to make its ideal use pattern clear; to deliver formula-one nourishment, to your cells, with direct benefits; so you experience fast and safe results – immediately!

All foods and natural ingredients are painstakingly formulated, to give you the max and the best – everywhere and always!

This programme enables you to take action: at once cleansing, rejuvenating and nourishing your cells; fast and safe, naturally and reliably, with everything formulated to eliminate a slow phase.

Everything has been done to help you thrive, while naturally cleansing, fast and safe, and providing yourself with the nutrition you need to support your body – and be your best!

I’ll work with you – directly – and help you get the best results, and unique, bespoke optimised health, as you;., soar to your desired goals – and beyond.

Choose a detox number of cleansing days to suit your lifestyle and your goals – a number that works for you at this moment!

You chose how many days you’d like to detox and, I Elite Personal Trainer in London, will provide you with a bespoke natural detox nutrition plan which works for you with your body type, activity and metabolism and all the other individualities to make it your personal success!

Please visit the testimonials page for men or women and see what other people including doctors and world champions and athletes have said about working with me and, CONTACT ME here to receive specialised support and start your successful journey NOW.

Chose now 3 days, 5, 7 or 10 days – or even a complete, 14-day Natural Detox!