The Best Holiday Retreats Destination in 2017 in Europe

Rejuvenating Your Body and Mind

During our educational and fun 5, 10 and 14 day retreat-holiday we teach you how to lose weight quickly, the 1st steps in how to become younger by up to 20 years using an individualised nutrition plan, playful exercise and games, have lots of fun, while visiting some of the most beautiful places and enjoying fun creative activities.

This is why during your retreat-holiday we provide you with:

1) The Best Wonderful Activities And Fun

2) Bespoke Body Rejuvenation Programme

3) The Highest Lifestyle Educational standards

4) Medical doctor, nutritionist, Pilates teacher, elite personal trainer and injury rehabilitation expert

The best Harley Street nutritionists, elite personal trainers and medical doctors are enhancing your rejuvenation, performance and health working one on one with you during your 5, 10 and 14 days retreats-holiday.

What is unique about us in terms of this retreat holiday package is when you attend one of our ‘training retreats in the sun’ our staff are also highly skilled and trained in medicine, nutrition, exercise, coaching, meditation, massage, and also emotional health.

Your Personalised Body MOT Health Check

Our best retreat holiday destinations in 2017 are:

  • Canary Islands
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Greece
  • Cyprus
  • Italy
  • European Amazonia – Danube Delta – this is a UNESCO world heritage resort
  • Breathtaking Carpathian Mountains and Transylvania

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If you want to re-charge with virility and vitality while learning how to cleanse your body and reenergise from inside out we provide you with the best detox diet plan customised for all your sensitivities, individualities and unique goals with your vitality-building healthy nutrition plan in mind.

1. Do you want to feel fresher, younger, recharged, reenergised and empowered at the end of your holiday?

2. Do you want the best retreat, holiday destinations for 2016 or 2017 ?

Have Fun while Getting Healthier and Leaner


Then, read on as…this is for you!

Our  best holiday retreats offers in 2016 and 2017 helps you to come back home:

  • Strong, empowered and balanced
  • Full of energy, creativity and happiness
  • Leaner, cleaner (controlled individualised supervised detox) fitter and younger
  • With a very healthy tan

We organise the best holiday-retreats in the sun empowering you  to come back home much cleaner, healthier and much stronger.

Just imagine waking up totally energised, refreshed and rejuvenated gently and smarting exercising with your Pilates, Yoga and elite personal trainer and enjoying your beautiful sunny holiday.

You will burst with energy, virility and vitality and come back and achieve more.

We will work very focused and hard to educate you in nutrition, raw food, exercise to the highest degree, but also to make you healthier yourself as a result of your one to one and group training time with us in the sun.

We want you to excel in your health goals, then you can help others to do the same.

We have found that to get results with clients on a raw food diet that enjoy the best health status long-term:

1) Raw food recipes MUST be incredibly delicious and tasty

2) Each raw food recipe MUST have a specific category of use in terms of science and nutritional intakes and benefits properties

3) Clients MUST be taught how to implement and integrate these raw food recipes into their daily lives.

Your nutrition retreat is personalised to enhance your vitality, virility and performance.

This personalised to your individualities and health goals holiday-retreat will help you to increase your energy and transform fat tissues into lean muscle.

And your nutritionist, chef and medical doctor will provide you with the best personalised nutrition diet plan for your challenges, body individualities, short term targets and long term goals.

Limited Time Availability

We offer only 14 limited retreat spaces with each one of our holiday retreats therefore this is both a time and number limited offer.

When these places are gone are gone for good.

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What are your retreat and holiday goals ?

  1. I want to have lots of fun and improve my health,
  2. I want to teach my family and friends to do the same,
  3. I want to make immediate improvements in my energy, performance and health with The Advanced Nutrition Consultation and Comprehensive  Lifestyle Assessment provided at your retreat,
  4. I want to lose weight effective, sustainable and naturally,
  5. I want to open a restaurant or cafe,
  6. I want to understand personalised performance, energy and youthness through nutrition, exercise and lifestyel etc
  7. I want to work at a raw food retreat or spa,
  8. I want to learn how to put on weight the healthy way,
  9. I want to improve my skin problems,
  10. I want to look better, feel better and perform at my best

If you answer YES to any of these goals above we’ll teach, guide and train you to become the best version of you again.

Contact us today to have the best holiday-retreat experience in 2017.

We provide advanced retreat holidays with creative, enjoyable and fun nutrition courses that contain the relevant curriculums and experience to enable you to reach your health, fitness or raw food education goals.

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