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Jazz Alessi is regularly invited as a guest speaker to rely the benefits and impacts of:

  • Nutrition for maximising performance and achieving optimum health
  • Personalised exercise programmes for reducing stress, anxiety and depression conditions
  • How to plan eating on budget to maximise athletic performance in your chosen sport
  • Personal training strategies to maximise physical performance and mental gains
  • Complete body transformations programmes
  • Lifestyle, Stress, Immunity and Health at…

Health events and Well-being conferences and Seminars, Events and Expositions, Private organisations and respected businesses such as CMS Cameron McKenna, City Bank Group, Olympia Diet and Fitness show and a number of A-list-celebrities.

Contact Jazz Alessi – Seminars, Workshops and Public Speaking

  • A highly experienced and knowledgeable long term London based Harley’s  Street professionally qualified nutritionist who has delivered lectures at some of the biggest venues in the UK in the field of nutrition for optimum health, nutrition for exercise and sport recovery, optimum and balanced plant based nutrition, and lifestyle health
  • Elite personal trainer London based with clients ranging from world champions, medical doctors to CEO’s, A list celebrities, police officers, lawyers and models.
  • Completed very well received talks at Olympia Diet and Fitness Show, CMS Cameron McKenna, City Group at the City of London, London Vegans, Russell Square Expert Lifestyle Nutritionists, Harley Street, Vantra and Vitao etc.
  • Able to guest speak at very short notice at lectures, provide expert nutrition and fitness workshops and other educational talks, and seminars
  • Inside out knowledge to provide an insight of a holistic and science based health approach, with deep insight into the nutritional content and effects of foods, lifestyle based health amendments, injury and sports related problems and solutions
  • Long term experience and a very confident speaker, engaging the audience, answering all questions, thus allowing interactive questions including lifestyle lecture talks
  • Specialist in sports, nutrition and health, keen to contribute, educate, discuss and share insight for inside nutrition and health hidden knowledge

Please  CONTACT ME THROUGH THIS LINK   with the key areas of discussion for your specific event.

All the seminars / workshops with which I provide organisations are tailor-made to meet their competitive goals, to improve their employee health and performance, employee retention within their companies to maintain their market-leading positions.

While Alessi’s approach is very scientifically based, he simply shares what works and empowers his audience with very organised practical advice proven to work that will immediately help you and make a huge difference in your journey.

Bespoke exercise, tailored nutrition, a very strong immune system and life alignment are the creators of the Olympian dream of much sought-after peak-performance, and longevity in optimised health.

Jazz uses a no-nonsense approach and empowers his clients, creating spectacular results by using his unique THINK! Transformational Philosophy, and his Natural  “Clean Food – Lean Bodies!” nutritional scientific approach.

When people are enjoying optimum health, their performance soars, they are much happier and enjoy better mood, boosting their work productivity and achievement.

Alessi’s School of Natural Health!

Enquiries and public speaking bookings

We deliver seminars and tailor workshops to your organisation needs.

You can find below a few ideas with some of the most popular workshops and seminars we deliver just, send us a quick email through this link with your specific needs and I will get back to you in less than 24 hours.


  • Nutrition Fundamentals for Business Performance and Intellectual Achievements
  • Nutrition Fundamentals for Exercise and Sports
  • Healthy Detox Fundamentals made effective and easy
  • How to cleanse your body using a healthy detox plan customised to your individual needs
  • Food preparation classes taught by a professional London Harley Street sports Nutritionist
  • Personalised exercise programme designed to accelerate sport recovery and maximise athletic output
  • Immunity exercise Programme  – Optimum Correct Posture, Maximise Performance and Peak-immunity


  • Fast and safe Natural Weight Loss
  • The Radical Body Transformation Programme
  • The role of customised exercise and nutrition diet plan in achieving peak-performance and optimum health
  • Effective nutrition for busy mums and dads


  • Nutrition courses delivered in greater  London: “Clean Food Lean Bodies!” Solutions


  • Exercise and Nutrition designed to increase intellectual focus and productivity at your work place
  • Weight Loss Training Camps in London
  • Weight management courses in London,
  • Natural Detox and Peak Immunity etc.

Please use  THIS CONTACT PAGE LINK  to send me complete details of what would you like to achieve and I will plan together for your audience, your employees or your business to grow!  

Where  and  what next? …   

  • Public speaking on the 5th of September at  http://www.cms-cmck.com/Pages/default.aspx  (in house – private event).

Subject: Fuelling the high performance athlete, Optimum sports nutrition, Joseph Pilates authentic postural movements – Contrology-Pilates techniques.Pilates for offices..

  • Three hours of corporate speaking on the 7th of September in the heart of Canary Wharf at City Group  http://preview.alturl.com/wjhsp  (in house – private event).

Subject: One-to-one personal training, increase energy, mental focus and intellectual abilities with tailored exercise and bespoke nutrition. Fast and safe natural detoxification, improve immunity – maximise your performance and health.

  • Two hours of private speaking event on the 28th of September in London Bridge.

Subject: Natural immunity, natural anti-inflammatory, natural anti-viral, speed up your physical recovery and achieve peak performance!

Last two public engagements:

– 25th of July: The Vegan Advantage for Atlhletes, Longevity and Optimum Health!

http://tinyurl.com/j458qxt  at London Vegans please access the location map through this link   http://alturl.com/tne3x

Subject:  Physical exercise, natural detoxification, raw-vegan foods, official statistics and optimum health. Smart and tasty preventive nutrition!

6th of June: Nutrition and exercise for optimum health in London Bridge (private event)

Personal Training Master is available for public speaking, detox retreats, weight loss training camps and nutrition courses etc.

If you would like to organise a health event for you and your friends or to invite Jazz  Alessi aka Personal Training Master to come to your area to speak about:

  • Nutrition Fundamentals for Optimum Health, Sport and Exercise
  • Effective Natural Detox Systems for Optimum Health and Well-being,
  • Fast and Safe Weight Loss
  • How you can transform your body and health

Courses and seminars or about the benefits of:

  • Exercise and Peak-Performance,
  • Exercise, Nutrition, Immunity and Stress,
  • Customised nutrition for type 2 diabetes
  • Food Preparation Classes
  • Emotional healing and Health
  • Eating for optimum health and performance on a budget

Please use this  “CONTACT ME PAGE”  and send an invitation including complete details.

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